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  1. This clicked twice on the high alchemy spell had it highlighted over the spellbook, not sure if it kept clicking can u fix this? so it doesn't just leave cast high alchemy up on spellbook waiting to cast it again on cast alchemy..... @Starfox the script is even continueing its ABC antiban when the break handler has started and is on a break..... So the thing is on the login screen while this is happening. What??
  2. W8621

    Auto login not working ?

    Description of the bug (be specific): after a break the client will not auto login not sure why this is, but when I click the existing user manually it then enters the login information to log in. How often the bug occurs: just recently Triggers of the bug (if known): none Java version: newest Max Heap Size: 1024 TRiBot client version: newest Looking Glass (yes/no): yes LG Operating System: windows 10 Script Name: running runite miner by arupupu last night it happened running afisher osrs right now which is having this issue aswell TRiBot Old-School or RS3: osrs Client Debug: Bot Debug: Screenshots (if any): none atm basically having issues with logging back in after a break, it failed last night saying loginbot attempted 5x I thought I got banned but no it just wasn't working. Now it doesn't even start the login script. -W8621
  3. W8621

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    Hey I see a glory is a requirement is there any possible way you can allow it to not need one? Would love to farm some d bones on my ironman but currently glories are hard to get at my combat level.
  4. W8621

    AIO Crying [Pro]

    Can you ad more features please? -accepts trades of any value for sympathizers then yells back "it'll never be enough" -shakes head "no" emote when people ask you if your okay. -Antiban lvl 10 -Jagex mod world hopper so they don't see us crying.
  5. Black jacking is still iffy aswell for me. Especially if another player comes in the house the script stops which looks sketchy... Can you allow it to ignore players? other than that getting 22k xp/hr on bandits, sometimes getting into combat every 2-4minutes. which npc attack option is best? hidden?
  6. W8621

    GrnTeletubby's Zeah Favor

    collecting the fish and depositing them to cooling box just fine. the basis for the script is already there, could be improved for sure. someone should take it over, this could be very very good and PAID FOR
  7. Ya should allow the right clicking & waiting till current npc is dead instead of the mouse following the Druids, also maybe allow custom mouse speed. Looting it takes forever to loot, leaves tons of items on the ground.
  8. W8621

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    thanks for flaming, i tried to post good information about the script , this isn't anything about being poor... nor am I a "Kid" but thanks, trying to help the OP scripter out.
  9. W8621

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Why don't you have a unlimited lifetime? I'm about to purchase it and test it out. Thanks Edit: Tested the trial before hand. Jeesh this thing has some issues, trying to buy the buckets of sand and soda ash. 1st. the mouse moves VERY VERY RAPIDLY un humanlike by far..... Let people choose the mouse speed between x-x 2nd. the script tried to run away from the npc's towards yanille for some reason. 3rd. the script doesn't bank properly. 4th. Definition is null, you need to restart tribot (over and over again even after restarted tribot) Wish there was a good shop buyer on tribot but don't see any so far.
  10. Just wondering before I start to run scripts anyone having issues or all good to go?
  11. Thanks for the reply fellas Can close thread
  12. W8621

    Auto Woodcutter

    hey @Encoded one suggestion When birds nest's get dropped, it clicks them REALLY REALLY fast as soon as they appear. Maybe a delay of 1-10 seconds before noticing the birds nest would be nice, more human like your afk chopping then notice the birds nest then click it. Would variable mouse speed be possible on this script as well? over all its really great, you've put a lot into it, Appreciate that man. Thanks -W8621
  13. W8621

    TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    appreicate it
  14. W8621

    Can't even use the bot.......

    So for some odd reason my IP is now blocked or showing this captcha upon login, the screen of the tribot login doesn't allow me to see the rest so I can NEVER successfully complete the captcha regardless... I do the captcha then get a code to enter but I enter it and can't find what else to do. if i try to log in i get the bottom error code. This is very frustrating as I'm currently VIP E and can't even use the bot. -W8621
  15. W8621

    Auto login not working ?

    Any word on a future update? It only works when I click existing user for the bot.
  16. does this have an option to bury the bones?
  17. W8621

    Auto login not working ?

    yeah still not working.... question while people are looking at this topic might aswell knock out two birds with one stone, anyone know the issue of this? It "DOESN'T" affect the bot in any way that i can tell but it comes up with this error.
  18. It's not going to be one person using these options it's to increase the antiban measures to make your script even more human like which I thought you would like to ad in.
  19. @Aropupu Hey man been using this for awhile now it's really good. I was wondering if you could ad another anti ban measure -instead of clicking x on the bank window to close it , instead click on the minimap near the ore , or the walk path. Or have an option to alternate randomly whether to click x on your bank or minimap to exit bank screen. -an option to randomly use deposit boxes & the bank/bank chest instead of strictly always just one. would help with making it more human like. Appreciate the script and I hope you take these into consideration. -W8621 edit: I see at MLM it clicks on path instead of x on the bank, only at mining guild it clicks the x and never the minimap , can you randomize it and get it to work at mining guild? I'm guessing it's so close from bank to the ore it just exits bank to click right on the ore instead of walking to them. Thanks
  20. testing it out now, much appreciated
  21. W8621

    LG doesn't connect to any Runescape Client

    same problem, it isn't finding any osrs client...
  22. can you add a fail safe to withdraw highest available picaxe? it banked my dragon picaxe then withdrew an iron one. i was watching it and intervened. Also it clicked coal ore rocks randomly while its mining a rune ore? But banking my d picaxe is terrible, don't know why it did that. a fix please would be much appreciated! works like a charm, hope i don't wake up and its mining rune with a iron picaxe. edit: it isn't dropping coal ores, or gems when mining runite.
  23. There is a big/minor script error, it hovers over one coal ore on the neizinot mining area with rune ore. It is very suspicious as im sure my account isnt the only one. Its only 1 ore, same time ive seen it multiple times hover over it. one time it clciked it