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  1. Glad their are so many bashers in this community. I understand why this bot fails now. I have moved on, to another account on another bot that might actually not get you banned so soon. Six hours last night with one script and two hours today with another and two hours on the one from last night again and going strong. And it's all FREE. Not a pay to win and not get banned bot.
  2. Think what you want. I used tribot for two goddamn hours and was banned next day, Period.
  3. Shouldnt matter what script. You shouldn't get banned after the two hour trial. Perhaps it should be cut to a 30 minute trial for tribot. Might trick more people into dropping dimes on it.
  4. Give it time I'd say. What's your plan when they're both perm banned?
  5. Universal Fisher Fly fishing barb village.
  6. The path of not botting any because they will get you banned.
  7. Honestly not a troll post. and that is legit my main. Only three years not concerned a lot because I only had like 32mil and combat was around 70. I hadnt played it a lot(play xbox more)but did get memb a few months. So I spent some money on it and wanted to keep it and YES I was banned after botting just TWO hours. I was actually going to create another tribot account for another free two hours but was banned from RS before that. So once again, why charge for something that will get you banned as easily as any other bot?
  8. It appears to be very easily detected being I was in simply two hours without even doing it two hours straight. If its certain scripts then they shouldn't be allowed on a paid service that makes it fail. Bad for business. Super glad I was hesitant to spend any cash. I would have been pissed. Already am to lose my main for three years,
  9. To think I almost bought credits. I did the two hour trial. Botted for about an hour and a half. Stopped a bit then did the last 30 minutes. Next day I'm perm banned. Why would any of this cost? Jagex aren't joking when they say there are no undetectable bots.
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