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  1. 10 sec break every 2 mins? insta ban... no human does that.
  2. Request: Keg minigame at warriors guild. Description: Pick up keg, balance it, eat food/drink energy potion as needed, bank, repeat Payment Amount: 100 Time: whenever Additional: willing to work with price, very simple script, really would like it made by a good scripter. Discord : Ranchs#6124
  3. Request: Warriors guild KEG strength training script (minigame for str xp no hp xp)Description: Need the script to preform the barrel also known as keg minigame on the second floor of the warriors guild to gain strength xp.Payment Amount: WILLING TO PAY 100$ USD. shouldnt be a very hard sc riptTime: wheneverAdditional: thanks in advanced.
  4. Blueberrymuffin#6124 is my discord
  5. DO NOT BUY THIS SCRIPT, I REPORTED THAT IT DID NOT WORK AN HOUR AFTER PURCHASE AND NEVER WAS GIVEN A REFUND. IT WAS NEVER FIXED ALSO. Horrible script and horrible customer service by the scripter. should not be allowed to sell junk.
  6. please ASAP change back the prayer how it used to be. It constantly turns prayer on and off, it just seems way too bot like. Id rather just use my prayer the whole time in the cave, one reason is because protection prayer is very important to me. Ive died without it on because the script turns if off constantly. saving prayer pots isnt a big deal at all, we make 1m-5m an hour using this script we can afford an extra prayer pot per run. also all the repetitive clicks just seems bot like. Also the sript is stuck saying running from pkers just standing still.. I dont even really want to leave it running overnight right now until this prayer thing is fixed. im going to take a break for a little while until its updated. i ran this bot 12+ hours a day from 90-98 range, almost 99 range now and this is the only time ive had problems with the script is lately. I appreciate you trying to keep it up to date, but some things dont need changed.
  7. woke up this morning after 8 hours i made 26m, got 3 unique drops overnight. this is the only screenshot the bot took overnight tho.
  8. please take out the turning on/off prayer and just bring back how it was, leave pray on while in rev cave the whole time. its way too repetitive and doesnt seem human like
  9. screenshot of whats going on, wont load my bot. help please?
  10. I would recommend an option to use protection pray when getting attacked and running to tele. Sometimes i notice if it would only pray range when getting attacked by a player it would still live. also ive noticed it detects pkers and teles without getting attacked when it should hop sometimes. Also, it tries to log while being attacked alot of times, over and over.
  11. script did all the skill tasts, then started the cat quest, and got stuck out back on door, without even talking to her to start the quest.. i skipped that tast, sea slug, gets stuck trying to travel with the guy that has the wheel barrel..... it doesnt work at all. refund please? i bought the script about an hour or two ago. tried on two diff accounts doesnt work at all.
  12. it buys all items in 8 GE slots and clicks the top right (collect to bank) then closes and banks the cash, then withdrawls the cash when buying items. not human like at all.
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