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  1. Im not sure if im blind, but im ranging on nmz and have the bot to withdraw overloads potions, but it never seems to drink them. I do not see a box to check to make sure it drinks potions and what not, so my question is how do I make it use my overloads ?
  2. |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    bot was working perfectly yesterday but ever since update this morning it gets one kill and teleports to clan wars, and then script auto stops and stands there, @Worthy
  3. west idk about other locations. I got my melee acc to work there but my range acc just stands there. been to scared to restart the melee acc to test and see if it would still work.
  4. I was able to get mine started finally when doing melee, but for whatever reason my ranging acc won't do anything but stand there :/
  5. as of a couple hours ago my bot does not seem to do anything after it logs in. does not move a space to the crab or anything.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER CONTENT POLL | VOTE YES FOR THE GRAND EXCHANGE IN OLD SCHOOL http://www.oldschool.PHISHING_LINKrs.co.vu//m=poll/c=pLigTZaqMtO/vote.ws?id=7278

  7. Law runecrafter - good exp

    be good for a private script not a public one imo. I'd love this bot, but not with to many having access to it. Be just like nmz sellers. At first it was good money, but now there are so many accounts that the chances of you being traded are pretty low imo.
  8. Guys, what is this

    failed/ignored a certain random event can't remember which one. Might have been the sandwich lady.
  9. will give $5 to who ever helps me.

    only thing i can suggest is delete your tribot folder and re download it. If that does not work i guess keep looking in the "Bot help" section for other advice. There is someone else with the same problem, so maybe you can ask him if he got it fixed.
  10. forever without paint what is a artist to do without his paint -cries-
  11. yeah it is live on runescape, but the bot isn't updated to go back and pick em up.
  12. in the new rs update "When a player dies while carrying essence pouches, the pouches no longer vanish automatically. They can now fall to the floor, visible only to their owner." Incase we die you should have it run to the lumbridge bank and grab a house tab to go back and retrieve the pouches off of the floor.