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  1. I think I fixed my problem and assuming everything works correctly I won't have this problem anymore. Thank you for the help
  2. I am having trouble with the Camera.turnToTile method, i've looked at it in the api and the other methods but whenever I try to execute it in the script the only thing that Camera knows of is .ROTATION_METHOD I am not getting prompted for any imports it just has no idea what .turnToTile means. Have I imported something incorrectly?
  3. I only know how to get the tile location
  4. Hello I am new to scripting and have recently begun making my own personal scripts for activities that have no good paid bots. I have been having problems in the script I'm currently working on with a bug that occurs when the tribot client moves my camera, causing the objects that need to be clicked to overlap/it starts clicking the wrong thing etc etc. Now I'm fully aware that this isn't a problem with tribot or the antiban but most likely it has to do with my noobiness and lack of experience in programming. The camera angle it turns to always happens around the same time and turns to the same angle every time (doesn't appear to be random) I have not added any manual abc2 or camera changes inside of my script, whatever is causing this to happen is built into tribot. The first solution that came to mind was to try and disable camera rotation all together but I can't figure out a good way to do this and I have also read that if the script requires the camera to be in a certain angle I am doing something wrong. The optimal solution I am now looking for is how can I adapt the script to still work when the camera is rotated by tribot. There are still other bugs I am working through but this one in particular I have no clue how to begin to fix it. Please remember I am super new to this and some things that should be obvious I may be oblivious to. I am learning a lot every day and am having a lot of fun with scripting
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