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  1. Absolutely! I've actually got a long background in computers and networking, webpage development etc. but a lot of this specific area is new ground or forgotten knowledge from the academy days. Looking to learn this software and client in and out and later get into scripting, cant be all that far off from webpage development considering I hear its all Java. Thanks again!
  2. Great advice. I will do! You guys have been super helpful and I'm blown away with how willing to help you are and how friendly about it you guys are as well. As I'm sure you both are aware, a question like that (I'm going to ask either way) would be an open invite for sarcasm and rude comments (not that I care about the opinions of insecure underage closet nerds with parental issues... sorry that was generalization, shame on me) Seriously though, I feel very welcome and supported as a newer member to the TriBot community, thank you!
  3. Thank you! My next question is a matter of preference in both of your experiences as more experience botters than myself. Pros and Cons of Multiple Instance per Client vs. Multiple Clients with 1 instance: CPU usage? Reliability and consistency of Clients and Bots? Which way would you guys recommend with my current iMac specs?
  4. Yes it does, thank you. So the Heap Size upon initial start up is what it's going to dedicate per Client as you open them? I keep seeing "Clients" and "Instances". I probably already have every piece of the puzzle I need, I seemed to have misplaced the box with the picture on it sometime during my post workday intoxication.
  5. Heap Size = Dedicated RAM? Increments of 1024? Im operating on a 2011 iMac 21.5": 8gb of RAM 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB Need to run 6 bots, 5 gold miners and 1 mule. Like I said, this is prob a dumb question. Somewhere in my only mere weeks of gold farming, I missed something about heap size and its direct affect on the client and my system. I set the Heap Size to 4096 after incrementally increasing to see if there was a noticeable difference, seems there is but is it necessary? Pros and Cons? Reliability and Consistancy of bot instances? If someone could take 2 minutes and clarify my cloudy mind after a long day of website building, I think I might quit my job and give self employment a try before the economy tanks again in a few years.... I'll prob do that either way though
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