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  1. Hey Word, the next rares are Jester hats/scarfs & rubber chickens. Could you update the bot so it picks these rares up? Thanks.
  2. This script doesn't work for me anymore. I start the script and it literally just stands in one place doing nothing. Please help?
  3. The link is in his signature or here https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfpg0kdqs15xg5a/Spiker%27s%20Warriors%27%20Guild%20Defender-er.zip EDIT: Can't get it to leave bank. Manually ran to cyclops and it won't attack either. Big bone looting and burying works tho lol.
  4. good script other den the fact that i keep loosin my striped feathers n regular feathers ;/
  5. yup alch gets stuck on sayign waiting for input. sometimes telegrab will run sometimes it wont. most the time its just waisitng laws
  6. if your health gets to low and it needs to eat a inv of bananas it ends the script once it finishish the first inv of food in the graveyard
  7. the telekentic one keeps stoppiong for me? can u fix please? idk y gets stuck going to next room...
  8. Ugh, I can't get this script to work at all. It starts up but nothing happens. Can I please have a refund or can you help me? :/
  9. i cant sign on any more. says im un authorized. i payd already. help please?
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