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  1. Hey Word, the next rares are Jester hats/scarfs & rubber chickens. Could you update the bot so it picks these rares up? Thanks.
  2. This script doesn't work for me anymore. I start the script and it literally just stands in one place doing nothing. Please help?
  3. The link is in his signature or here https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfpg0kdqs15xg5a/Spiker%27s%20Warriors%27%20Guild%20Defender-er.zip EDIT: Can't get it to leave bank. Manually ran to cyclops and it won't attack either. Big bone looting and burying works tho lol.
  4. good script other den the fact that i keep loosin my striped feathers n regular feathers ;/
  5. yup alch gets stuck on sayign waiting for input. sometimes telegrab will run sometimes it wont. most the time its just waisitng laws
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