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  1. >Simply create an order and our automated system will lead you through the whole process in no time. >Delivery is currently offline!
  2. Yes, since 2010. Same account, no bans. I botted all of rs3 and now osrs. Again, survivorship bias- Everything I say is anecdotal so I cannot write you a guide on being safe without outright saying "bot as you would play". (Which honestly, is the only advice I can give)
  3. That to me is the weirdest assumption. Do they think all analytical play data isn't recorded just because no one is in the office? ? I mean, why would they would be using some sort of automation to combat automation. /s
  4. Contact your card issuer. They may have a list of verified or allowed merchants. You may need to preauthorize your card for use with relatively "unknown" merchants, like Tribot.
  5. Survivorship bias: For every 50 hour proggie out there, there are 100 accounts banned doing the exact same thing. There are a number of factors that go into an accounts survivability wrt bans, and we cannot completely understand how these factors affect bans. And it is my anecdotal belief that the more human like you bot, the less likely you are to be banned as it is a factor that MAY influence your ban rate. That's why I bot exactly how I would play- and I personally cannot play 15 hours a day under normal circumstances. So I stick to more logical playtimes. In doing so, I've never been banned. (Not counting an account I intentionally suicided just to see what it would take to get banned)
  6. naton's scripts are very good too. I don't think it supports tanning though.
  7. Is decent, but I think anything made by @Optimus is reliable and well made: It's a toss-up but personally I'd pick the AIO script if you also want to do some combat. And I did alching till 78, slow but very very low risk.
  8. I wouldn't stun alch. I always feel high intensity stuff like that have the highest ban rates; and from what I've read, it seems to be universally true. If you have lunars, I'd suggest tanning leather. Nice exp (100k hr) and very decent profit (700k). Yes the requirements are a bit high (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Fremennik_Diary#Hard) but if you're planning on maxing, why not?
  9. Author: @Assume Script Name: Assume Staker Script Thread: (URL) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/72717-assume-staker-v2-x-staking-4-calculators-ddsboxwhip-2147b-2147bhr-40b-profit/?page=16 Repository URL: (ID) https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/344
  10. Did you post on the script's thread? It looks like an issue with the script itself. That being said- I'm running that script fine myself right now.
  11. Is any error being thrown in the bot/client tabs? If so, please provide us with it.
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