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  1. Oke great! Thanks for the info.
  2. Actually de woodcutting script is not working. What needs to be done to restart it?
  3. Do you have some information what to do on a macbook?
  4. Can I use this script on a Hauwei tabblad? Can I use a script on a tabblad? Or are all scripts based on a pc?
  5. Ohw sorry my mistake! I was focussed on the search for a bronz pickaxe. Thanks for your answer man Love your scripts. Gonna try one of these days the fishing script and if that works as good as woodcutting and mining you will have a big fan extra
  6. Hi, I used a bronze pickaxe from lvl1 till level 30. At lvl 30 I bought a adamant pickaxe and the script doesn't work. It says: ' player lost bronze pickaxe and going to get a free one'. I can't wear the pickaxe because I have lvl 1 attack but I keep the pickaxe in the inventory. Can you help me out?
  7. Hi , I use you script for mining and woodcutting. I use your scripts on 2 different accounts at the same time. Do you think that it is safe? I love your scripts and hope I will not be banned so I can use them for many years.
  8. Kefdar

    Auto Miner

    Hi downloaded you script and It worked for 2 minutes. Now it's blocked by banking... it keeps banking.
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