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  1. OMG LOL Well then , this whole thing is awkward as fuck i full thought .... LOL WHY YU TROLL ME LIKE THIS THO Edit : Sorry lol, i take all what i said to you back, i had NO idea what the fuck is going on anymore lmao. The real question is, should i be posting here after having so many bowls? Look what fucking happens lol
  2. 11750 Master Chopper AIO Druid 9.95 Credits Auths 1 Sat, 25 Jan 2014 01:26:27 +0000 COMPLETED Sooooooooooooooooo, not only can you not buy that kind anymore, but they REMOVED scripts already payed for?
  3. Had a lifetime script, came back to rs after 2 years , *on and off used the script during that time* and all of a sudden i dont have it anymore? Wtf is this. I know its a few dollars but cmon i got it lifetime.
  4. yes i have downloaded both java versions and tried with both, not sure what the problem is...
  5. rs does not allow 07 browser client anymore, looking glass wont hook to other clients, could be fixed or
  6. recently one of them sold over 800m (multiple trades of roughly 50-100m per trade) for $1.10/M
  7. Exactly! im still buying btw... if ur selling im looking for 40m now @ 1.2/m
  8. Im not paying IRL money through paypal for goods i wont recieve from some pimply teenager on a school laptop who frequents the forums, if your staff or have staff vouches sure ill go first... but its not really worth the time and effort for a scam so i just want a quick simple , trade and pay.
  9. I added you on skype, waiting
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