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  1. I got it working now, the bandits i mean, and yea they do, id be happy with an option to just pickpocket closest knight like it does for other npcs.
  2. Hi, I bought this script today without trying because it said i needed VIP so anyway, I bought it for blackjacking my level up as well as gp from knights, when i go to blackjack it does nothing, just says make sure your mouse speed variant limit is at zero in the tribot settings, which it is, and stands there, for knights, no one uses that house anymore and thats the only place it will work so it ends up world hopping non stop, i didnt know if there was gonna be fixes soon or if i could get refunded if not? (On a positive note, the master farmer feature is flawless.) EDIT: got bandits to work, knights are the same
  3. Hey man anyway I could do 14 days for 2.50?
  4. bfaust

    USA Crafter

    I spend a good bit of cash with you guys and have never complained.. all i want is my money back for a new script or a new script of the same price..
  5. bfaust

    USA Crafter

    bump. messaged him five days ago, still no fix, solution or refund.
  6. bfaust

    USA Crafter

    1. Script Author:USA or tribot 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: 11\10\18 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 14 days 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): no idea who author is thread is made by "administrator" 6. Issue(s): entirely broken, doesnt even do one inventory.
  7. I bought USacrafter about ten min ago, it is completely broken it doesnt even do one inventory, am i able to be refunded or get another script?
  8. is it mandatory to wear serp helm? doesnt support anti venom? everytime i try it says serp helm not detected and stops.
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