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  1. The script should attack a mob if you are not gaining experience for X amount of time, that's at least how i remember it working last year. Anyway if it doesn't work like that he should add/fix that feature.
  2. 11 hours of this script within a week, do you guys think its doable? On a less known proxy?
  3. Except I didn't get the message when it says you've hit over the amount of instances. There IS a specific message that I would have gotten in the past so I know what I am talking about. Not to mention I have 6 instances purchased... Also I went through the delete hooks + jagex cache. Bot debug: https://pastebin.com/Hz5cAQ8K Client debug: https://pastebin.com/sQNNG8ZB Fails to relog.
  4. I was unable to recover from the freeze (through closing the tab). Does tribot dump it somewhere in text files? If so could you say which specific directory should i be looking for? EDIT: OK, so I've managed to get this log, I wasn't even able to copy to clipboard, but i was able to screenshot it. I've been running 512MB RAM allocation on loader, so it's super weird. EDIT2: Happened again, didn't even have CPU overload this time, just died. https://pastebin.com/Aw13Ccvh EDIT3: turned music off, increased heap, will see if that helps It still doesn't explain how i got crashes on alching overnight when I had 1024MB set, regardless will try to produce a bot debug on that
  5. Does this problem appear more often, if yes what did you do and what caused the problem? Always happens around 2-4AM GMT. Sometimes happens in the evening. What kind of java version do you have installed. JRE 1.8.0_201 What did you try to fix this yourself? Disable graphics, it helped CPU utilization. What kind of OS are you using? Windows server 2016 VPS specs: I7-6700K (3 shared threads) @ 4Ghz 8GB RAM (512MB per tribot client, leaving me with good amount of unused RAM) SSD Drive Decent connection (had no problems with it) I would buy this vShield VPS and normally it would have nice utilization, I would be able to squeeze 6 bots (2 got banned so I only have to do it with 4 now RIP me) and everything would go smoothly until a few days in problems started appearing, I tried contacting their customer support, but so far help is pretty laconic, and I will update this thread if it changes. Server will freeze while I am alching overnight despite the fact that normally alching on 4 with disabled graphics would only show up as 20% utilization on task manager. Before I used to do that without disabling graphics and it would be 50%. Similar problems can happen during evening. I decided to disable update service on server manager but I am unsure if it would help anything.
  6. haha my bad man, it's kinda expensive but may be worth it
  7. What? Break handler is broken? Pretty sure I used it in January w/ ExNMZ and it worked.
  8. I removed the JDK and it works now. AFAIK JDK is only for mirror mode right?
  9. I'm using vShield VPS on Windows Server 2016. I downloaded newest JDK and regular Java. After running the tribot loader file nothing happens (something loads for 1/4 of sec and it stops). EDIT: For some reason removing JDK and just leaving regular java solved the problem. If anyone could know a reason why is this happening because i'd like to keep JDK.
  10. I normally get locked out around second or third quest of 7QP manualing so i can safely mule over the GP, but that one time I was working on accounts with special proxies i got locked out instantly. Mind that I was actually using a login bot to access the account quickly, but I didn't make much of it as login bot only takes 10 seconds to go through its paces plus it does not actually interact with any object in game, merely the interface. Lo and behold, I get locked out after stepping out of the first house, and banned around somewhere I would normally only get locked out. Now the guy that provided me with proxies, and was my client on top of that had entire batch of 256 proxies with 3 octets first octets being identical. These IPs would show up as 0 (certainly not a proxy) on this site therefore they had to be really good, right? He also used the batch on various different accounts (like 30) while I was using it on up to 8 accounts. I replaced the accounts that got banned prematurely and went to work on other accs with same batch of IPs, this time being careful to manual the 7QP even to the point of not using login bot early on. Well that was a mistake since over the course of few next days I got banned after botting various different things for less than 3 hours. He also apparently didn't get banned on a single account by then which got me confused, but he was using a strong zulrah script so that could be a factor. (?) While of course this could be fault of the scripts or just bad luck with Jagex it got me thinking to which degree were the IPs to blame.
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