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  1. The above seems similar to the issue I was originally having. May be worth adding some setup notes to help people having this issue. Update on dungeon door performance: At lvl 74 I got the option to build oak doors. The script has been running well except for one issue that requires some babysitting - It seems that occasionally the script will miss-click (or perhaps it is intentional to allow butler to move?) and open the dungeon door instead of removing it. When this happens the remove option disappears and the bot doesn't seem to know how to close the door and continue running normally. Thanks again - loving all this construction xp!
  2. So I seemed to get this working by manually asking the butler for something else and running the script again. It now works normally for oak larders (I wonder if there was something about the last used option that was causing an issue? I think it was set to bringing steel bars from the bank) I am now at 72 construction (with crystal saw) and I was trying to set up the oak dungeon door build but there is no option in the item drop down box - I can select "Door" in the top box but the second box has no options. When I try to start the script asks me to select an item option first. Progressive mode takes me back to building oak larders but I really want to continue with the dungeon doors for best exp/hr. Any ideas? I appreciate the good support for your script! Thanks!
  3. How did you figure this out? I seem to be having the same issue. Have already deleted my Hooks.dat Seems to get stuck trying to type how many planks to unnote - also repeatedly "calls servant" if they are away (which seems to reset thier timer and keeps them from coming back) Im running looking glass atm. Update: seemed to fix itself after asking the butler something different, restarting the client and running the script again.
  4. Also having this issue. I have tried using the new RuneLite launcher that was posted recently as well as the original version. Client is found but there is just a black screen in the window.
  5. Seems not to work with adamant bolts. Have tried at Varrock west and pest control. The right clicks on the bolts when the item select screen comes up but then click somewhere to the left instead of moving down to select smith all (or any other menu item). Hope you can get it fixed!
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