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  1. didn't got banned at all, not using this script though. i do use breakhandler though:)
  2. noobkees

    Show what proxy we are on?

    support, will need this feature when i'm going to create my small bot army
  3. noobkees


    still botting hunter, script works perfect for me A++ 2$ for this script is so worth it you can run it on more then one account right? going to use more accounts later on
  4. noobkees

    TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    i can select the option "proxy" even when i'm not vip. why should i buy vip extended then?
  5. noobkees


    botted 5hours overnight succesful, then i stopped the bot to not get banned and yes i use break handler
  6. noobkees


    picked up my traps first break, will see overnight how it goes perfect script so far.
  7. noobkees


    buying this script in 30 mins, hope it works
  8. noobkees


    thank you, might buy this bot
  9. noobkees


    can this bot run 10hour without getting stuck? i might buy this bot.
  10. noobkees

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    isn't hunting red chinchompas better then? lolz
  11. noobkees


    how do you run the script then ? it says " you need to be oldschool to run oldschool scripts" no?
  12. noobkees


    do you need to be VIP to run this script ? even when you bought it for 2 $