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  1. so many randoms are broken today, whats happening..
  2. bought
  3. please get on skype asap, 50$ vps not working atm..
  4. still selling 1 VIP extend?
  5. i can sell you, do you mind using an middleman tho?
  6. ok, i thought i didn't know i would get an auth code, my bad then.
  7. idk how to get the other 2 threads deleted lol
  8. Ok..? i want the other 2 threads to be deleted through but idk how to
  9. Hi everyone! NOW SELLING FOR: normal vip: 8$ extended vip: 10$ 07rsgold: 3,5M = vip. i am selling auth codes for vip / extended vip! Just add my Skype: robin.goossens7 1. Contact me on Skype (robin.goossens7) 2. Send me the money on Paypal, and once you've done so I'll check my account. 3. i'll give you the auth code. We can always use an Middleman! Thanks and I look forward to opening sales!
  10. skype:robin.goossens7 will make use of an mm if needed. or going first to trusted.
  11. skype: robin.goossens7 will make use of an MM if needed.
  12. i'm botting hunting allday atm, 84 hunter not been banned with botting hunter, i didnt change my ip but i take 10 min breaks per 1hour 30 min so its less suspecious and theirs nobody here so nobody reports me that helps too
  13. if you have been banned for 2 days i would be careful, they are perm banning you if they see you doing it again suggestion: bot 10h/day max with breakhandler.. 10mins/hour or something