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  1. Doc97

    Basic Miner

    @Einsteinalso the script does not drop uncut jewellery like diamonds etc and when they fill up the inventory the script just freezes aswell.
  2. Doc97

    Basic Miner

    https://gyazo.com/7f810b842f6e741eeff7bccd92cf2705 https://gyazo.com/f9702be5e7beffbf0df77386653bbc74 I changed locations from the mining guild to legends guild but its doing the same thing.
  3. Doc97

    Basic Miner

    @Einstein in the mining guild the script keeps randomly opening the settings tab and opens up the f key shortcuts could you please look into it? thanks
  4. 4 accounts banned in 1 month? I think you need ask the people botting zulrah how many accs they get banned in a week
  5. im having the same problem with it running to the edge ditch, another additional problem im having is that it idles and then logs out ending the script which is quite annoying @godspower33
  6. no i wasnt fixed ok thanks. im so new to this sorry u can close this topic
  7. i did that a few times
  8. hey everyone, im new to tribot im trying out worthys script and i tried to login in with my details and it just gave me an error message that my password or login was incorrect i changed my password to check i wasn't entering it incorrectly i wasn't. need some assistance thanks.
  9. Yea Ive had a same problem made like 3 fresh accs for hunter farming get banned within like 48 hours. but other accs ive been running which are older have been running without a hitch for like almost a month now and making consistent like 500k-600k/hr
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