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  1. ConnorM

    RuneLite Crashing With Looking Glass

    I did un-install and do that but still not working. I think I've done what you stated below, but what do you mean by 'hook' onto it?
  2. ConnorM

    RuneLite Crashing With Looking Glass

    Tried downloading the most recent, but unfortunately it did not work
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem where the client will crash every time I try to use it. I have turned the GPU off, in runelite like it requested me to do but yet it is still crashing. Anything else I can do to try counter this issue? Thank you.
  4. ConnorM

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Script is super slow XP rates in general - Can get 300-400k xp/hr with Oak larders normally, this is barely getting to 150k? Anyway to increase mouse movements or anything?
  5. Hello, I've recently started to get this message after I login to my vps for around 10-20 seconds and get kicked off. I thought this would be an issue with the firewall not allowing connections but I can't seem to see anything wrong unless I am missing something. Is there any other issues that could make this happen? Thank you
  6. Keep getting a couple issues where I have it set to go to a specific location - One of the presets and it will go elsewhere causing it to bug out and run back and forth for ages which makes it look sooooooo botty
  7. ConnorM

    Bot Automatic Login Help

    Have you even read what I have put? You clearly just quoted me saying 'I obviously believe it can be for this reason'. I was stating what happened and wanted other people's opinions whilst asking questions located at the bottom of the thread which anyone is still yet to answer lol
  8. ConnorM

    Bot Automatic Login Help

    I'd have to disagree it that it isn't a great indicator as a real life human would not login over and over for an hour if it just says 'Error connecting', not even for 2 minutes. I mean, it must be a coincidence I just found it very very odd that it was only those stuck in the loop that saw the banhammer, even those that were created same day/trading same mule - Even those that are older are surviving. There really is no difference in my accounts at all, unless a Jmod was actually active in game and banned me before they disconnected I have no idea. I obviously believe that it couldn't be for this reason purely as I had no connection so their should be no login attempts. Back to the previous questions though - Is there any settings in tribot that stops automatically logging in after 5 failed attempts or not? Thanks for the replies as well
  9. ConnorM

    Bot Automatic Login Help

    I know that a connection isn't their so login requests would not be sent but I do not understand why the 4 I left in the login loop got banned whilst all the others did not. They were all botting the same amount, exact same bot etc yet only the 4 I forgot to turn off got banned. I mean this could just be a coincidence. Logging in is not bannable no, but an account trying to login repeatedly for 6 hours may seem a bit suspicious.. I mean, a real person would not sit there logging in for 6 hours if they're not connecting
  10. ConnorM

    Bot Automatic Login Help

    That's what I would have thought, but I've been running a large amount of bots and stopped over 90% to do something last night with them, after running all for 4-5 days but the only ones that got banned were the ones that got stuck in the login loop? I know they can't send a login request when their is no physical connection I just found it strange how it was only those 4 accounts
  11. ConnorM

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Slapped with a couple bans last night, first ones using the script so I can't complain!
  12. ConnorM

    Bot Automatic Login Help

    Hello, Last night my VPS internet went down and my accounts were stuck trying to login for 'X' amount of time. When I woke up, reset the VPS and got the connection back I found out that all of the accounts were banned. Could RS see that they were trying to login even without any internet connection? If so, is there a way I can stop the accounts trying to login if the internet does go off, or do I just have to turn automatic relogging off? But if I turn it off, how do I do breaks? Thank you.
  13. ConnorM

    Vps recommendations?

    Contabo will do the job at a cheap price
  14. ConnorM

    How many bots? (Pc build)

    Definitely look into VPS/Dedicated servers if you're going to bot a large number of accounts. Not having to have your computer on 24/7 is a blessing.