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  1. I understand that but on top of that there are ways to mitigate suspicion in which I was hoping to get tips on.
  2. About to purchase ! Thinking of starting very lenient maybe about 4 hours a day? More on weekends? How much is everyone else here doing on average to keep it safe?
  3. namstar

    client closes randomly

    Heey I also have this problem my computer is more than strong enough to handle a few instances but even when running 2 if I leave for a few hours it will most likely close 1.
  4. Hey naton! I was wondering if I can pay you somehow to upgrade my script from 2 miners to 5! I love it PLus steel bars going haaam hahaha
  5. I feel like 9 hour run is way too long for zulrah dude that shit is intensive. 4-5 max I'd say judging by the people running this.
  6. Naton, first let me say this is by far THE MOST well put together and refined script I have ever used! I easily use this over 10 hours at a time with very good progress. Only had 2 bans on some fresh accounts which I am guessing is algorithmic because I make 2 at a time and get them going and 1 dies and one lives on. First account on level 95 smithing now. Do you notice a lower ban rate with an account who actually has say 60+ CMB level vs a level 3 running same algorithm?
  7. Okay so with all the results going 100+ hours this is running of Tribot client itself? I was told to use looking glass is why. Damn a pity I will try running one on rune lite and one off tribot client today.
  8. With that being said means use an account with quests done and other stats vs a lvl 30 with 75 smithing?
  9. So far going pretty good but can you assist me on why it gets stuck trying to deposit ring of wealth in bank? Sits there for hours doing this. Sometimes it also looks for coal but isn't able to find. I then click on the coal for the bot and it resumes.
  10. Bro your blast furnace botting is intense!! I'm starting it today can you give me some pointers?!
  11. Whats too far? Can you share some data for learning experience