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  1. Andy187

    Bulk coal

    I need someone with a bot farm mining coal. I'll buy from you daily. I just need someone on my team.
  2. @Naton How do I get my own Sig for this script? Also, the profit p/hr on the paint does that include the 72k p/hr on the coffer?
  3. Just purchased 2 more instances. The fresh account preparing is better than I thought it would be. Great job man. @Naton
  4. @godspower33 I got it started but it went to clan wars bank.. Got the food, burning ammy and a dueling ring out and is just idling.. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Under bot debug it says could not grab icon for item. under client debut it says image is null.
  6. It's not grabbing my current gear when I click on that button. Any ideas why?
  7. I have 2 of my accounts running this script. Both for an hour so far and made 2k steel bars on each account. This script is running better than I anticipated. Thanks @Naton
  8. I've got two quests left to do on two accounts and then I will be buying two auths. is this script still doing good and updated? @godspower33
  9. Andy187

    Merry Christmas!

    Nah, I live on the West Cost of the US.
  10. I'll have to do it tomorrow. I left the house until tomorrow after I get off of work.
  11. Andy187

    Merry Christmas!

    Yeah but no TriBot nah bro, yeah free rent and free power but it's just a total waste of life lol. Deprivation of everything synonymous with life. Doing time where I did was super easy and laid-back but at the same time it wasn't worth it lol. I don't regret it though because I learned a lot about myself and about life lessons and qualities that I would have never learned outside of prison. So in a way it was a blessing in disguise. I guarantee that if I didn't get locked up, then I'd be dead by now. I was going through a dark path with drugs and guns... Not worth it at all if you ask me.
  12. Andy187

    Merry Christmas!

    Yeah bro I got locked up for robbery and assault. I did 5 years my first time being in trouble. All of the food sucked here. Oh well. At least it's all over now lol.