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  1. @Encoded I got the trial and liked it. I bought the 2 week auth to see how it goes. I am already experiencing issues as i did with the trial as well. the script is clicking to plant too soon which makes it have to try and replant after watering the previous seed. It slows the script down so I have been experiencing my plants dying on me. Also sometimes it clicked too close to one of the fruits when trying to plant the seed. It gives a prompt that says "Nothing interesting happens." It's clicking too close when trying to plant the next seed so that slows the script down as well. It was doing fine when doing 14 plants but was still a little slow but no crops died that i seen. When i did 16 that's when the issues became more prevalent and my plants started dying. Is this an issue on the script? or do i need to change some settings on my client?
  2. You running a script is at your own risk. You even run a script for 10 seconds and your account is at risk. You've got to kidding if you think that you're safe when botting. I highly doubt you'll get a refund because of this reason lol. Tbh, there is no leg to stand on when trying to get a refund because you got banned
  3. Okay, well i purchased it yesterday when i posted the thing about the karamja course and now it is telling me that i haven't purchased it. wtf?
  4. @Einstein I just bought this and the hint arrow for the karamja course is broken
  5. Andy187

    WB Farmer BETA

    This was given up on??
  6. It still isn't working. I don't know what the fuck to do. Half tempted just to wipe my whole C drive and reinstall it...
  7. I am not using Looking Glass. Firewall is disabled. Still not working mate. I'll try that...
  8. I did delete the folder and it's doing the same thing. this is the bot debug
  9. I deleted the hooks.dat and I'm still having the same issue.
  10. No, I haven't. I'm trying to locate that .tribot folder but i can't find it. where is it located?
  11. I've uninstalled all previous Java on my pc... Deleted Tribot loader.. I reinstalled the newest JDK and reinstalled the tribot loader. I am unsure what i am doing wrong here because I keep getting this Downloading Jar. What am i doing wrong here and how can I fix this?
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