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  1. For sure man. Botting is not like it used to be like it was pre-2010.
  2. Thanks man, this definitely helps a lot. I used to bot heavily back in 2007-2010. Like you said, back when bot bans were almost unheard of unless you were stupid about it. I was running 4 different accounts on a VPS. All 4 accounts mining rune ore. I always had them running for like 10 hours while I was getting ready for bed at night. I turned them off when I left to school in the morning. Each account brought me in around 8-10m each account every day. I wish things were the same now. However, you even said yourself. Things are different now and we must be more smart about what we do and how we do it. Right now, I am working on having ten accounts running at once. I will only have them running for 5 hours and then I will have ten different accounts on for 5 hours. The next day, those accounts will have a day off and I will do the same with 20 more accounts. I know 40 accounts is a bit much but I am trying to make about $2,000+ a month off of this and I will be smart about it too. The breaks and days off on the accounts will be completely random and I will never go over 5 hours a day on each account. I am looking forward to this. Once I get it up and running then I will be more than happy to post on here and let everyone know how things are going if anyone wants to know?
  3. i need 6.5 credits right now for osrs gp