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  1. I am having the same issue at the Fossil Island Patch. Does it matter that I have 2 Teaks and 1 Mahogany? And not 3 Teaks? It keeps "waiting for a tree to spawn". The script does bank correctly when you have a full inventory of logs but upon return it just stands there waiting.
  2. When will this bot be updated? There are many pots that do not work or do not recognize one of the ingredients. Sad considering this is Premium.
  3. Will the custom location support teaks on fossil island including banking?
  4. Hey there I am having some issues with it world hopping on me. I like the anti pk but it world hops until it logs out and then it will fire back up right. Is there anyway around this? As mentioned by super earlier if you leave it blank you avoid yourself lol. Let me know what I can do and thanks in advance!
  5. Ok it wouldn’t let me upload on messages section from my phone so here is the settings and I am running looking glass. Other than that just whatever settings come standard with tribot. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. I am having an issue when it gets to the last floor it will plunder the urns and check for snakes like I want it to but then it runs out of time to loot the last chest. Is there s way around this or am I just missing something in the set up.
  7. Hello, I have literally never done pyramid plunder before tonight and I am trying to set up options on the bot lol. I am 84 thief and currently getting about 80k exp an hour, not awful but I feel like it should be more. Also was wondering what I should be keeping in terms of loot or if the only cash you make is off sceptre drops. I will try and upload a screenshot of the gui when I get home so you all can see what ive got. I also am currently using a sceptre to tele back and forth so I know that will use up some statues and what not. Anyt advice is greatly appreciated!
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