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  1. I've noticed a small issue. After chopping a full inv of roots and starting the fletching process, if the bot eats in the middle of the fletching process it will start chopping more roots until the inv is full again. Sometimes i eat 2-3 times while fletching so the bot runs back twice or 3 times to chop 1 or 2 more logs. This might increase the ban rate significantly. Also, I suggest moving the current chopping standing position (in the middle of the root right where the snow falls and you take dmg), to the small 1 square spot to the left of the west root and the small 1 square spot to the right of the east root. Those spots appear to be some kind of a safe spot from the falling snow.
  2. same problem. please let us know when it will be updated
  3. Wanted to update that it spam clicks all obstacles, makes it very suspicious and highers the ban rate for sure. and once again, speed speed speed! it averages 1.45k runes p\h, can go easily to 1.8k p\h if it speeds up a little.. Also while it detects a pvp player it teleports to edge and then spam click worlds untill log out.
  4. The script is working flawlessly while doing abby's nature runes. only problem is speed, it's pretty darn slow! emptying pouches can be done alot faster and the path's should change every now and then.. other than that, awesome script man! Any suggestions on how long i should run this script doing nature runes in Abbys without a big risk of getting banned?
  5. guys what is the best item to alch and which prices to buy it ? cuz i want 94 mage but seems like it cost around 20m from lvl 70
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