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  1. ItsYounes


    damn did not see that is the argument then like fishingContest?
  2. ItsYounes


    Great script love it. Is it possible to add Fishing content?
  3. @Einstein I got this problem a few days now I got this when its try to return from the a break you may know this problem?
  4. For now it seems to work good. One more thing When its bailing and the water is gone it still continue bailing till it passes all the bailing bucket. could you maybe fix this bug so its stops bailing when the water is also gone. Thank you very much
  5. Its more like if its a bit busy i never gets a chance to patches the leaks.
  6. @Einstein I got kicked everytime for the boat with fishing trawler . ive used the hihgest settings and reactions time on 10 but still got kicked
  7. @Einstein is it also possible to fish shrimps cause i cant find that option
  8. Now im getting this error its gets stuck on attempt to fishing and when its disconnect the script also stop
  9. Hi @Encoded just started up your script and getting this error message below [06:33:38] Starting client. [06:34:13] Downloading script 'Auto Fisher Pro'. [06:34:17] Script Started: Auto Fisher Pro. [06:34:18] Login bot started. [06:34:18] Login Bot: Login... [06:34:19] Login Bot: Login... [06:34:20] Login bot succeeded. [06:34:25] java.lang.NullPointerException [06:34:25] at scripts.fisher.Fisher.J(Fisher.java:193) [06:34:25] at scripts.api.script.TaskScript.run(TaskScript.java:63) [06:34:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [06:34:26] Main: [ERROR] Failed to send script statistics to web server. [06:34:26] Script Ended: Auto Fisher Pro.
  10. no im using waterfox its and it literally everyday when im botting around 4 hours the client first start lagging and after a few minutes its freeze and loses connection
  11. Yes im using LG and my client is also really laggy i tried turning off firewall but did not work
  12. Encoded did you ever got this error. Im getting this realy often i change different proxies and client but still getting this error. Do you maybe no a solution for this
  13. Its different when i get this error. Some times i can bot like 4 hours but some times its like just an hour. To fix this i have to restart the client and hook LG again to the client. but after a few hours i got the same proble again.
  14. Hello, I got this problem for a few days now an tried to look for any solution but could find anyone. every time i start and osbuddy client of waterfox client and connecting it with LG after a while the Waterfox of osbuddy client freeze and than i got this error message. It says something with proxy but im not using any proxy. I hope someone could help me out
  15. I found the issue. After tribot dev update i think Something went wrong with the hooks.dat. removed it and now it run perfectly
  16. @Encoded im using all default settings never changed something in drop or your script settings. But i noticed that this problem only happen when im using LG. I runned the script without LG and it seems to be fine. Hope this give you more information about the bug.
  17. @Encoded This is my issue when im fishing at barb outpost. i have this problem now for more than a week Failed_To_Drop.mp4
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