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  1. Its different when i get this error. Some times i can bot like 4 hours but some times its like just an hour. To fix this i have to restart the client and hook LG again to the client. but after a few hours i got the same proble again.
  2. Hello, I got this problem for a few days now an tried to look for any solution but could find anyone. every time i start and osbuddy client of waterfox client and connecting it with LG after a while the Waterfox of osbuddy client freeze and than i got this error message. It says something with proxy but im not using any proxy. I hope someone could help me out
  3. I found the issue. After tribot dev update i think Something went wrong with the hooks.dat. removed it and now it run perfectly
  4. @Encoded im using all default settings never changed something in drop or your script settings. But i noticed that this problem only happen when im using LG. I runned the script without LG and it seems to be fine. Hope this give you more information about the bug.
  5. @Encoded This is my issue when im fishing at barb outpost. i have this problem now for more than a week Failed_To_Drop.mp4
  6. @EncodedCould you please take at look at it run it for a few minutes at barb outpost with shift dropping. and you will see it wont drop all the fish
  7. atm im using version 10.14_1. It works good for a few minutes but after a while it only drop one fish and start fishing again
  8. The barbarian fishing used to be good but for some reason i got the same problem for a few days now hope that @Encoded wil fix this asap
  9. When my invertory is full it clicks somewhere in the top left corner then its drop kike 5 or 6 fishes and start fishing again
  10. It does not drop all the fish in barb village when its got a full invertory. could you plss fix this issue.
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