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  1. Is there any way you can you add support for worlds 307 and 311?
  2. Can you please add Mythical Cape mounting support? I bought thinking it was in :S Otherwise great script.
  3. Tan leather seems to be broken. It immediately ends with "No runes left..." I've tried all the normal fixes. Edit: Got it working. I guess there is no support for combo runes, staves, tome of fire, or rune pouch?
  4. Thanks for the hard work! I love that this is open source. I've noticed two bugs. Sometimes it can get stuck in a corner of the basement where the cat find any rats. Another issue is that if you have a lazy cat, and it turns into a wily cat, it loses the ID and just sits. I've been wanting to get into bot development, I could take a look and work on a PR if you'd like.
  5. You are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work.
  6. Script managed to get stuck, it was continuously trying to recharge sceptre with gold, despite not having enough in inventory. Here is the inventory I had when it got stuck.
  7. I've been running into an issue that seems to affect my xp rates quite a bit. Training on knights of ardougne and it seems to occasionally not see the knight and worldhops. Would also be nice if it closed the door on the way out, as that spot is often crowded and it looks suspicious not to. I'd also like to see it worldhop to low ping worlds first, but the real solution I think is to have it lure NPCs. Because of those two things, I'm finding I can't run this very long without ending up on a laggy world with a stack of other bots. Also please include a way to disable the remote panel... Its kinda creepy. I'd love it if it was self hosted, but no thanks.
  8. Hey, script has been working great for so far since switching to a fast client. Wanted to bring up an issue I've noticed since the beginning. I'm not sure if its some kind of intentional anti-ban misclick or not. When getting close to each barrow is seems to like to misclick past the barrow, causing it to have to take some time to correct and get the positioning right.
  9. Thank you! I'd love to buy the script once in a while for two weeks at a time at $4.50 or something.
  10. Highly recommend using runelite, you have to disable the barrows plugin though, as it seems to break the scripts ability to figure out which brothers are defeated.
  11. Here as well! @TRiLeZ I've noticed that if any keyboard input is sent while the runelite client is focused it will crash. Manual input while tribot is focused doesn't seem to have the same effect.
  12. I'm not sure about your first question... But I haven't changed gear since before this started happening. I'll have to babysit the script more to try and see what is happening, but its always the second I turn my head. It almost seems like its having trouble reading the inventory, a few times I've started the script, and its tried to go barrows instead of banking, and then failed immediately. Other times it banks. I've had some similar odd hiccups with other scripts though, so maybe there is an underlying tribot issue present. Edit: I've switched to client that can maintain 50fps, and so far it has performed much better. Can also report re sizable works fairly well, although sometimes it tries to click through the inventory/prayer window unsuccessfully.
  13. Still encountering problems. Script often freezes above (often the first) brother, with just this repeated in the console... [17:35:37] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:false [17:35:45] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:false [17:35:56] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:false [17:36:11] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:false Other occasions its freezing is at the clan warns teleport, with a message about going to dharok in the console. Additionally, its started dying about once every half hour or so, which before a day or two ago I'd never died before running this script. I haven't seen it die, so I'm not sure whats happening there. So far its always failed to deathwalk properly, usually just idling in the lumbridge bank.
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