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  1. World you were put into: 385 / 386 Which method were you doing when you were removed: Hunting Red chins When you arrived to said world, were there any other bots in the area: in w386 noone. in w385 there was like 3 When moved to said world did a Firewall Prompt appear asking to allow: not sure Were you banned after transporting worlds? If so how long after? been happening for over a week and not banned yet
  2. I keep getting moved into w385/w386. Cannot run a script longer than 5 mins before moving me into there. Hunting Red Chins also. I then went onto doing it legit and still get moved? Can anyone give me more information on the situation and if there is anything i can do to avoid being moved in or atleast reduce the rate of detection. thanks in advance
  3. Script gets detected within seconds, wouldn't recommend using Also keep getting [18:04:07] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[18:04:08] java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero[18:04:08] at scripts.wHunter.onPaint(wHunter.java:1333)[18:04:08] at obf.dI.I(ce:505)[18:04:08] at obf.rG.run(ge:171)[18:04:08] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  4. was just botting hunter in w305 then all of a sudden the screen freezes for about 2 seconds and my traps have dissappeared and im in w386??? my bot then logs out and tries to log back into w305 wth is happening
  5. When logging out it stands there for about 5 mins right clicking alot. might want to check the states, it stood there for like 10 mins saying "hunting ninja impling", it was right next to me it just wouldnt catch it
  6. Any chance of this please? Hard to get the Imp jars :/
  7. can someone show how to setup the proxys Getting:
  8. Missclicks, doesn't loot traps before breaks =[ can you update these
  9. or.. you could download teamviewer =]
  10. doesnt work for swamp lizards?