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  1. some0ne

    Entity Selector by laniax

    Why would i use this over NPCS.find(new Filter etc... ? less iterations over one rsnpc object?
  2. some0ne

    keep getting banned on new accounts

    bot some quests from the start for example?
  3. some0ne

    Building 100+ Bot PC Rig

    why not?
  4. some0ne

    Building 100+ Bot PC Rig

    i7-5960 or 6700k/6900k gtx 1060 is the way to go
  5. some0ne

    Webwalking everywhere?

    I know this may sound stupid, but why WebWalking is not implemented like it was on Nexus? I remember running Nexus bot from everywhere and its PathFinding implementation was 10/10. Here on tribot I'm struggling to use PathFinder or WebWalking since the doors are bugging in Stronghold of Security. As i said i used Perfecticus Fighter back then in 2010, and it supported every corner Of SoS. So i have to create my custom save/load path UI :/ thats very disappointing.
  6. some0ne

    Help with Code Snippet on Tutorials

    btw, that sucked alot. I dont understand why TRIlez changed it. Old website looked fine for me.
  7. some0ne

    Help with Code Snippet on Tutorials

    eautify.org/javaviewer should work mostly
  8. some0ne

    Botting recommendations for 1att/1 prayer

    rock crabs, experiments, yaks? n00bs in wildy?
  9. I got bug where the bot stucks for some reason: It talks to Competition Judge over and over: When the judge asks: Hello again, do you need reminding of the rules? IT may be that it accidently clicks the judge when it got the message from it and then talks to it over and over without finishing the actual 10 arrow shooting.Fix it man.
  10. if you started to bot 24/7 straight off the tutorial island its more likely to get banned.
  11. How to handle doors, or ladders when i have RSTile[]?
  12. I'm interested, does this bot support Stronghold of security?
  13. some0ne

    How to create a GUI (Using Netbeans Java IDE)

    I am, just wondering is this right if the client is unresponsive when the GUI initializes...
  14. some0ne

    How to create a GUI (Using Netbeans Java IDE)

    well im using default setup (macbook-air) :
  15. some0ne

    How to create a GUI (Using Netbeans Java IDE)

    Is it normal if the gui takes 10 seconds to load and the client is unresponsive?