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  1. Now when it goes to the bank to withdrawal more logs the scripts gets them then says failed to find plank and stops
  2. so I went ahead and bought the script after dying the first time it stayed in the boat trying to click on the screen in the area where it died instead of using the mini map to run back to the barricade it was at so sits there like a noticeable bot until the game is over that's the same problem I was having with Optimus PC bot but I messaged hmi few days ago for a refund or to let me know if something I can do to fix no response so I bought yours because it worked for a few games during the trial now its doing that too lol
  3. yea was giving the 30 minute trial a run to se how it went I bought another pc bot repair doesn't work either so I figured ill try this one if anything buy it too just sat in boat for like 3 games straight had logs in bank and in inv too
  4. What does this even do anyway was always curious lol
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