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  1. Why would a crossbow be better? The blowpipe has much faster attack speed
  2. I've had no problem setting it at the fastest reaction times, meaning it would also be more efficient since faster chests/hr
  3. Hey guys, currently using mage only mode, getting 3.5 minute kills average. Leads to about 12 kills per hour. This is at 99 magic and 99 defense. Am I doing something wrong on the GUI? I don't think mage should be this slow at these stats using max void.
  4. Do you think the devs are aware? Would it be a good idea to make a post about it to have it fixed?
  5. @godspower33 Would I need a craw's bow to get a decent gp/hr? Currently 75 range but wondering if i can still compete with blowpipe
  6. Hi guys, so I just started up the tribot client and went on to start script. It gave me the alert that I can only run 1 premium script at a time, yet I haven't run a single script today, nor have I clicked the "start script" button in the past 24 hours. Would anyone know why it isn't allowing me to run a script?
  7. Nope, all were on my home ip. I have found that you could create your account on your home ip, change password and bot a proxy. After you get caught on that proxy, attempt to recover your account using your home IP. Doing this will get your account unbanned as it shows jagex that you were "hacked" as you botted on a foreign ip, and therefore they unban you. Again, from personal experience. One thing I'd like to note is that you should be cautious when choosing who hosts your proxies. Some proxies/countries are flagged and could cause a fast ban.
  8. I'll be talking from personal experience here. Every single account I've gotten a 2 day ban on was given another 2 day ban after getting caught when the initial temp ban had expired. When the 2 day ban expires, it drops your ban meter all the way back to 0.
  9. Only 5 per hour? Are you running it with the abc2 delay set to the minimum?
  10. Hey welcome man! Good to see a new scripter on board. Best of luck on your goals and future scripts
  11. In my experience, I haven't been able to run it longer than it takes to use up all 2500 trident charges. Does it recharge the trident for you?
  12. My guess is that you're using a proxy thats been widely used by many goldfarmers. Could be instantly flagged for ban
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