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  1. alfonsobravo

    CC Gambler

    Hey man, most gambling clans run through a discord script now. Any particular reason you want to be doing it in the actual runescape cc? Its a lot easier to get caught that way
  2. alfonsobravo

    Christmas Money Advice

    But they also have more users, which could mean a higher chance of getting caught Most premium scripts > their free script counterpart
  3. alfonsobravo

    Christmas Money Advice

    Botting a main? Definitely get VIP+ Human mouse movement is gonna help you stay not banned. Also, looking glass may help, but personally I don't use it. Bot smart if you care about the account. Depending on what you're botting, only do 2-4 hour sessions maximum. Don't bot commonly gold farmed skills. Use premium scripts only, they have less users and hence jagex won't instantly determine you're a bot based on the thousands of hours of botting data popular scripts users have generated. Play legit between botting sessions, have some variation.
  4. alfonsobravo

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    Great guide
  5. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Always thought that the mound misclick was part of the antiban lmao Hopefully this means more chests/hr
  6. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Works perfectly fine for me. Make sure you start with all brothers still alive, and you're wearing the proper gear as set in your GUI
  7. alfonsobravo

    Bot Busting

    Theres truth to it. Not necessarily certain skills, although it could certainly apply. Skills or certain GP generating methods are watched more closely by jagex. New items brought into the game by the bots have a direct influence on the game economy, and it affects all the paying members jagex cares about. Lets say some gold farmer chooses to farm yew trees. Every single account would have to go through oaks, willows etc to get to 60 to start chopping yews, therefore it would make sense that jagex watches over those gateway spots as well.
  8. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    I'll babysit a few runs and let you know how it performs! Thanks again
  9. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Appreciate it man!
  10. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    @Netami Hey man, the script has a slight issue with brothers in the tunnel. It seems like the script doesn't prioritize turning on prayers in tunnels. It tends to drink a prayer pot, attack the brother, and then a few seconds later it turns on the prayer. I've seen it take huge hits from dharok as by the time it decides to put the prayer up, brother dharok is already low hp allowing him to get 2-3 hits in at low hp. I've seen my character die twice to this, and keep in mind im maxed defense. Hopefully we could get a fix for it Also I believe theres an issue with death walking as it always ends up dying twice everytime. Heres the log: We died! Waiting for respawn... caching position and brother... We died on brother Dharok Died while deathwalking, ending script. Death info: Ahrim - In tunnels: true Tile: Leaving barrows... We died on brother Ahrim Script Ended: nBarrows. Removed timestamps and coordinates of death cause I dont want a mod seeing this and tracing it back to my account.
  11. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Most of the time spent is actually in navigation and not killing. I'm getting slightly more an hour and im maxed on everything except range
  12. alfonsobravo

    Any suggested Agility scripts?

    Aagility has a lot of people backing it up and saying its a good script, which it is. Just make sure you really fuck with the anti-ban settings (there are a lot in this script) to create your own unique profile. I just fucked with a few things and ended up getting banned with it. Also, don't train at seers.
  13. alfonsobravo

    Says Already Have Script Running?

    Yeah its a bug and it happens. Since you aren't vip you can't end the instance manually. Just wait 15 minutes it'll auto end
  14. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    You can't use a ring as the script uses duelling rings to teleport out of barrows to bank
  15. alfonsobravo


    Probably downloaded the money generator 5000