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Everything posted by iK0u4ever

  1. Could you just refund the script? haven't been able to use it, rather get something else.
  2. Script still broken after banking bug....
  3. Doesnt back off from flying fish while catching minnows.
  4. Curious if you could add an option to not drop the clues?
  5. Possible to add total xp gained aswell to the gui?
  6. I mean it was 30k but, thats all I have on my ironman. And how I died, who the fuck knows.
  7. Script died at fishing trawler and lost my entire cash stack. I can't find my items anywhere either
  8. [01:46:15] Disabling Tribot's random dismisser for Motherlode. If you have dismissing enabled in motherlode settings, it will dismiss them [01:46:15] Disabled all randoms. Why does it say disabled all randoms when I unchecked it?
  9. No worries, I have just realized while using it that it's really really awesome. Good job
  10. Possible to upgrade my auth from 1 to 2 accounts? without paying 7.99
  11. Good to hear. What I meant was there's no option to use Rimmington teletab (redirected house tab). I use this to get to wyverns, and house tab > pool > edge/castle wars to bank. But yea, adding an if out of food and loot on ground = loots it then tabs. Anyways, makes me happy that you reply and listen to feedback!
  12. Add house navigation and pool support for banking? And rimmington tele support. It also attacks another npc after eating even though its in combat. Add better logics, like waiting until kill is done before teleing, and looting the kill before teleing. It just left loot on the groun to tele.
  13. Does this support teleporting with kandarin hard diary done?
  14. Okay cool. Yea I botted NMZ on one main and on the other I did some magic lol which I'm sure was the reason. Thanks for the answers guys. Helps me out a lot. Going to grind now again! Just a question, why do people recommend a proxy then?
  15. The accounts were mains except for a NMZ hoster.
  16. Ah well, waiting to see if my 2 new accounts will be banned before I get to playing again then... 2 accounts on friday and the other one on tuesday or so
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