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  1. Still struggling with looking glass, can't detect runescape client, why? i'm using 102
  2. can't detect runescape client, why? i'm using 102
  3. I thought you're supposed to use old java jdk? like my 102
  4. I have Version 102 JDK. Looking glass can't find the Osbuddy or official osrs client
  5. common sense indeed. What else can I say
  6. Just so you guys know, I got banned, so...
  7. My bot paint is flashing very frequently between "antiban tasks" and "legit afk fishing". Is this normal and intended, or is it trying to do multiple tasks that I'm not seeing over and over?
  8. I would be super worried if I did this
  9. Luckily I stopped it before it typed the password and confirm. Who knows what would happen. Under the settings there was my profile, No user profile, and Auto-relog But hell did I even come close to expect auto-relog actually types your user name as auto-relog wtf...
  10. I agree with it's an IP issue or a not using LG issue. No ban will happen with in 30 from a clean account/IP. NONE. But if he's botting edgevile I'd say it's his fault, way too many bots there probably extremely heavily watched.
  11. Take this personally, or not, but I hope you don't. But I'm too scared to bot this script because there are WAY too many obvious bots at the only location this script supports. Perhaps it's the most popular location due to its proximity to bank. Perhaps they're all using your script. (Abusing at this point) Perhaps they're not even doing crafting but rather smithing. I don't know, but They are level 3s with bot like names and plain tan shirt green pants. And sure as hell that's going to get attention from both Jagex and other players who is trigger happy on the report button. And I wouldn't be surprised the area is extremely heavily watched. hoards of suicide botting level 3s is also bad news because that suggests the ban rate is through the roof, that these botters see it not worthwhile to invest in their accounts further. Long story short I'm scared to bot your script. Perhaps it's actually your script perhaps not. Either way it looks like an extremely dangerous location to bot.
  12. You might want to check if the client update changed the ID of items. my bot is on a loop for "Bank items failed to load, this is a LG issue, closing bank and retrying"
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