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  1. cold hands
  2. sry delete
  3. Used this like a year ago on my HCIM and got 83 mining and the mining pet, all at motherload mine haha. Got banned at 83 for 2 days, but i did bot 70 agility aswell so that may have something to do with it. Cheers!
  4. running it now and its been running for about 20 minutes, should i really stop it? edit: stopped in the comments has scared me a bit, shame.. it was expensive and ran nicely
  5. Well they are best in slot for magic..
  6. Chances i get banned if i run this for 2 hours a week? over 1800 total, never botted on it, literally bought so much membership on it and so many bonds and i've had the account for over 10 years
  7. You need to update for the new mage arena 2 capes, thanks! love the script
  8. Whatever you did it now works. Wasn't telling me to use the new magic prayer, but it now is. Note i only have the magic prayer. Cheers mate!
  9. Hello! Long time user here, the script is doing everything perfectly apart from it has no option to recognise the new range or magic prayers, can this be updated? As it puts me off quite a lot
  10. Males

    Scripts stops randomly

    Is there not a way to make scripts auto restart if they fail?
  11. Yeah worked this out by myself and it worked after that. But yeah this script is amazing. Already got like 200 kills with it. Cheers mate
  12. Hello, This isn't grabbing my equipment and isn't painting where to stand or any kind of paint that draws helpful information . Any fixes? is it working for you?
  13. [04:05:47] Script Started: DevLoader V2. [04:06:44] : Mouse speed: 250 [04:06:44] : You have chosen to cut Maple at Seers [04:06:44] java.lang.NullPointerException [04:06:44] at scripts.UltimateAIOChopperV6.walkToTrees(UltimateAIOChopperV6.java:309) [04:06:44] at scripts.UltimateAIOChopperV6.run(UltimateAIOChopperV6.java:269) [04:06:44] at scripts.org.developer.loader.Loader.run(k:421) [04:06:44] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [04:06:44] Script Ended: DevLoader V2. Seers Village - Maples.
  14. Males

    FlaxPicker v1.4 [~900flax/h][Flawless]

    Otherwise known as: Insta-Ban. No-one is going to use a flax picker on version one, run it yourself and improve it as follows, and post proggys.