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  1. custom trees has stopped working for me i tried 5 places different trees it just takes glory and teleports to al kharid or runs away
  2. love the script, only flaw i found is at teaks in ape atol it keeps clicking the tree even when ur cutting if ur in monkey form maybe due to the script not seeing an animation or something ?
  3. idk if you still need answer but i used this script on 2 accs with 2 day bans before one got to max cb but banned due to other scripts and one is still alive this script is a beast
  4. it just tries to open ge ( doesent click ) and when i open ge manualy it keeps trying to open inventory
  5. any quests / stats on the account ? is it an old one or new ?
  6. well so far so good im botting nmz and some slayer on a 2 day banned acc. i think botting combat is a much lower banrate then any other skills and theres 2 pretty good scripts for nmz and combat
  7. hey, i heard on some other forums that nmz botting is getting harder. is this also true on here ? planning to bot 6 - 8 hrs a day. i have gotten maxed cb on some accs with another client so just wanna ask here first before trying ?
  8. tribot has stopped with lifetime scripts
  9. Hello, sorry if its the wrong place to post this but i cant get looking glass to work i did everything the tutorial said i only have jdk8_102 osbuddy is minimized and when i try to set up a looking glass client is said no rs client found any fixes or things i might have done wrong ? thanks
  10. i think its comming from my end since other bot clients im sometimes using are acting up aswel = / and i know people on the same clients who dont have issues
  11. Hello, I have bought 2 scipts that where working for everyone now when i try to run them they only work half on the combat script none of the npcs are showing up in gui and on pest control script it works for 1 round then it shut off is there something i am missing on the client ? im using java jdk1.8.0_181 and jre1.8.0_181
  12. i have a dynamic ip i change it after a ban
  13. alrite peeps thanks for the replys
  14. Hello, I wanna try and make a high level main and i am wondering if this bot is able to get me one Im not a noob whos gonna bot a lvl 3 no quests 24 7 and compain about getting banned i will be doing quests and keep the hours as humane as possible Ive heard alot of mixed reviews about tribot some people said its the same as giving my log in to jagex and telling the i am botting and some have gotten 99+ agility on lvl 3's without anything. so has anyone here gotten to 1.8k+ total with tribot ? thanks
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