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  1. Deleting hooks.dat fixed this problem for me
  2. Probably due to RS update, but doesn't work for me now. If I don't start in a dream, it just keeps talking to the dream guy cancelling and re-starting the dream without sipping the potion. If I start inside a dream, it just sips absorbs forever.
  3. Considering buying the script. Can someone post a configuration of the script for maximum exp/hr while looting spectres?
  4. Blackjacking thugs is quite buggy and required a lot of babysitting: - has difficulty when 2 thugs are in a room - has difficulty luring from certain locations (e.g. if a thug is in a room already such as TINY_HOUSE) - doesn't use coin pouches when it accidentally pickpockets without knocking out (loses an inventory space until it gets 28) - sometimes gets stuck in a ~minute long loop of clicking and unclicking the ground - always runs to the tent area after un-noting even though it never does anything there - if there are 2 thugs in a room, it will lure one out, but then it will click back into the room (SOUTHWEST) in such a way that brings it back in. it will do this on loop forever.
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