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  1. Ah thought you was looking for a simple macro recorder. Suggested AHK as you can just copy paste someones code into notepad and change it to .ahk file extension. If you need one PM me. Do look out for variation in ping if you do use a macro recorder. Good for stuff like this, Mouse key macro may work better for this one. If you use OSBuddy you can set a custom mousekey distance, so it would be, Hold 2 > Numpad5 > Numpad4 > Numpad5 > Numpad6 > Numpad5. I made a curse macro using mousekeys and it was fun.
  2. Look around autohotkey forums for a mouse recorder. Software like ghost mouse is terrible and can be clearly distinctive as a mouse recording.
  3. Feedback - GUI clean and easy to setup. Had same problem as a other user, the bot used 2 glory charges randomly and actually got lost on the way back. Had prayer off and to use super combats, maybe it ran out of super combats. Find the mouse movement a bit mechanical and does not offer much anti ban (mouse pickup, mouse off screen, random movement like after drinking potion dose). Other than that great script for the price.
  4. Seers village does not work too well, the click spots offer a pattern while returning and often misses the 1st obstacle
  5. Reko

    Why charge?

    Always think the guys that make these threads are actually Jagex employees
  6. Just a tip for the loot, make a rare drop table loot list and use it as a template for all other monsters/loot lists. Also banking is not working for me, the script does not detect it has a full inventory and instead keeps attempting to loot.
  7. Runelite working great for me thanks for the update
  8. Feedback and suggestion for safe spotting, smart safe spot - if bot clicks back to safe spot more than 3 times while attacking for example mobs getting stuck on corner or being out of range, than either wait in attacking spot and finish kill while not returning to safe spot or return and disengage from that current target. If you are taking damage in the new temporary fighting spot then it should also return to safe spot.
  9. What happens when you complete the mouse data collector minigame on the program? I got to 200 before I had too exit
  10. Interesting, thanks for the reply. Must of not run it long enough to notice.
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