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  1. Just a tip for the loot, make a rare drop table loot list and use it as a template for all other monsters/loot lists. Also banking is not working for me, the script does not detect it has a full inventory and instead keeps attempting to loot.
  2. Reko

    TRiBot Release 10.8_0

    Runelite working great for me thanks for the update
  3. Feedback and suggestion for safe spotting, smart safe spot - if bot clicks back to safe spot more than 3 times while attacking for example mobs getting stuck on corner or being out of range, than either wait in attacking spot and finish kill while not returning to safe spot or return and disengage from that current target. If you are taking damage in the new temporary fighting spot then it should also return to safe spot.
  4. Interesting, thanks for the reply. Must of not run it long enough to notice.
  5. Worked flawless for me. Thank you
  6. In my opinion a move mouse off screen while idle should be anti ban standard, will there ever be that option for this script?