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Everything posted by nykko

  1. had used this script plenty of times without issues, but lately cant get it to even start?just automatically laggs and freezes my tribot client untill i X the screen? any reasons for this?
  2. really good script, only issue is when doing fossil island it gets stuck at poll booth when banking pretty often. Any way you can get this fixed to exit screen or something?
  3. Using it right now, works amazing man. Only thing id ask for is if you can make it use "esc" to close bank and "f keys" for tele? feel like thats also more human like.
  4. when i click "start script" it automatically sends me there. doesnt give me option to choose tele spot/logs etc etc yeah im not getting the gui option
  5. cant get script to run, not sure what im doing wrong..
  6. @boe123 is script live? im ready to try it out brotha
  7. YESSSIRRRR HAPPY TO HEAR. Super excited about this
  8. appreciated brotha, been looking for a script like this for awhile. If its worth i would even pay any premium price Gl ill be waiting
  9. nykko

    BEG Poh Planks

    whats going on with this script?if its private/premium whatever it is ill pay it. lemme know asap pls
  10. nykko

    BEG Poh Planks

    hey was there a game update or something wrong on my part? doesnt call demon butler and when it goes it doesnt get into dialogue with him
  11. hey does this loot pharoah sceptre if i was to get it as a drop?thats all i need is sceptre as a drop.
  12. nvm i got it, didnt know i needed to choose custom for granite. working flawlessly
  13. script is so good. mlm is flawless, any chance you can make this mine sandstone for buckets? ironman would love this the one currently mostly mines granite and a few sandstone?
  14. @Worthy works perfect now brotha, appreciated
  15. script wont open...not a tribot issue because all my other scripts are working.
  16. nykko

    2 day or perm?

    iv been hearing people say they've been getting a perm ban instead of a 2 day ban first offence lately, can anyone confirm this is the case now? Or were they just the unlucky ones? from my experience new accounts/goldfarm accounts get perm straight away and other "main" type of accounts always get a 2 day.
  17. script is amazing no flaws at all only issue is when banking at fossil island it sometimes clicks the poll booth and stays jammed there. If u can please fix it would be amazing kinda have to babysit it more than expected because of this =/
  18. anything for mining sandstone?it currently does sand+granite then drops granite but theres a spot 4 way sand spot which would make more sense.
  19. not sure whats going on, getting are all right. its just going to deposit box and trying to deposit nothing
  20. everything seems like its about to start off good, but then says "going to standing position" drags me away from what i wanna build and just stands there doing nothing?
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