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  1. Thanks again for the reply, I'll just stick at ardy knights then getting 50kish xp/hr at around lvl 60 there right now. Done 99 thieving 1-99 thieving through this script before but totally forgot the xp rates. Blackjacking wasn't working very well at that point either.
  2. Do you really always have to say ''you're doing something wrong'' when someone is just sharing the experience they had? I appreciate some of your posts like the topic you made about botting in general. But I've got to admit it's getting a little bit annoying to read everywhere.
  3. @Aropupu Any plans for werewolf course? Loving the script!
  4. For werewolf course what is the approx agil xp/hr at lvls 90+? Also, does it bank for stamina pots? Thinking about purchasing this script.
  5. Running into the same problems for blackjacking as others have seen the last few pages on this thread. Hope it gets fixed. As for fruit stalls and ardy knights, it's an awesome script however! Saw this question being raised previously, but unanswered: Is it possible to let it steal cakes to stock up on food in ardy?
  6. Just have some patience.. It's not like it has been down for a week only a couple of hours now.
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