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  1. Sorry to say but Tribot (4.0.4 version )is not working. I downloaded it many times, also the correct JDK 8 etc, even the TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4 mentioned in this thread but its not working. It just does not open. I used to bot, but idk why i cant now. Can anyone help me? I got windows 10...
  2. Did exactly what u said but still nothing. thank you for the help.
  3. Hello, I used to bot but I have stopped since like a half year. Now I downloaded TriBot again I can open the Winrar file and extract it into my desktop, but do not see the tribot launcher. I only see loads of seperate files such as .fxml and .class files and .MF file. I have updated Java is that helps.. Help me to bot again please.
  4. Has the ''no instances issue'' been fixed on scripts? id like to bot again
  5. Man I am so happy I bought this script. It got me 80-91 range in like 3 days, and no ban. Im botting like 2-4 hours at a time for a minimum of 8 hours a day @ NMZ
  6. The Flax spell works good now but there is 1 huge problem: When u level up (crafting) it keeps clicking on Flax spell button in the magic spellbook, but it won't spin the flaxes untill u get rid of the notification that you have leveled up. This can cause many players getting banned.
  7. Starfox, The Spin Flax option is broken. It will NOT take any flax from the bank. Even if i place the flax where the mouse of the bot is. Good thing I could first try 1 hour..
  8. I was about to buy this script for SPIN FLAX with lunar spellbook. But this is absolutely broken. It keeps clicking on Run off/ Run on. Walks away from bank, doesnt take flax from bank... I am happy I could test this first. I hope the owner fixes this.
  9. This script is not working.. Keeps putting flax into bank. If i have 3 items in my inventory such as runes, it will bank them and do nothing. just stays still;.
  10. Hey guys, I bought an account and started to bot every 3 days for 2 hours max. I only bot construction and sometimes agility since I dont want to risk alot. But after like 3x 2 hours every 3 days I can not bot another 2 hours for free. Friday was the last day I botted, now its monday, so 72 hours later, but I could only bot for 30 minutes or less, then it said I am not a VIP user, etc etc, I can only bot every 3 days.. Is it a bug, or...??
  11. Sorry to say but the butler part does not work. It keeps teleporting away. But the rest works 100% PERFECT!
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