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  1. They ban normally between 9am - 5pm GMT since it's when Jagex are in office.
  2. Why does everyone think reflection is undetectable? Jagex CAN detect basically ANYTHING
  3. You do not own the script; look at the TRiBot ToS for scripts.
  4. It would be classed as illegal, anyway you do it, for any reason.
  5. Of course you would go against it. Why would you want to do something that negatively effect some of you?
  6. The thing is I could pay a mod to go into a partnership then scam. I'm 99% sure the mod would not be accountable :/
  7. The idea was you could look at it and make your own.
  8. https://github.com/lemonrs/LemonPicker
  9. Not sure how the sdn compiler works, but I think its java 7. So I would assume you are using a java 8 compiler in your IDE?
  10. All have been done, for rs2. But so far I have only seen a GWD's script (Bandos and zammy) kbd for 07 and then KQ doesn't profit much afaik
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