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  1. Well either you get banned or you don't, so yes. Every script in theory has a 50/50 chance of ban, no matter what.
  2. You still need to work on that.
  3. People with client open People that have been online on rs using orion in the last 5 minutes People online on rs at that time
  4. Well, they seem unsure what it counts lol. I've asked 3 devs which have told me 3 different answers
  5. They do work saturdays, and sometimes sundays (You should look at their job descriptions)
  6. They ban normally between 9am - 5pm GMT since it's when Jagex are in office.
  7. Why does everyone think reflection is undetectable? Jagex CAN detect basically ANYTHING
  8. How about a dumped version
  9. You do not own the script; look at the TRiBot ToS for scripts.
  10. It would be classed as illegal, anyway you do it, for any reason.
  11. It would be loaded into ram
  12. The idea was you could look at it and make your own.