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  1. Well Idk i have like several stats in the 80s and 2 in the 90s on an acc i suicide botted for 2 months and all i got was a temp ban lol. I keep my stats and 200m so uh id say the 20 or watever bucks i threw in the devs pockets was pretty worth it lol. And it must of been the sketchy thieving bot i should of stayed away from. Dont use out of date bots.
  2. Sorry heres an updated picture as i was missing saw and hammer, which i didnt want to give the impression that caused the issue.
  3. This issue is still happening for me. I have deleted hooks and cache and redownloaded tribot. As you can see the planks are selected for another request from phials. It continues to do this over and over.
  4. And with that comment its obvious ill be subscribing to this bot for awhile. Good job man!!!
  5. OMG THANK YOU!!! Every script is so freaking confusing way too many options. This is simple and powerful. The only bot ive seen to successfully safe spot with range. It is so easy to leave for slayer tasks. One request. sara brew + restore support? id love to see that on your bot as it handles prayer very well.
  6. I am going to retry by deleting hooks and cache. I apologize if this was an error on my end. Thanks for the swift reply!
  7. Got a lil confused at lumbridge but on to guards now. Banking has worked for me. I think this bot is best to leave in one place and drop though. It seems to get buggy moving anywhere. Got stuck and kept clicking the gate to open it however kept opening and closing it. Basically I think its a great bot but must be babysat at the moment. I will try to clear up the errors I have an message the details to you
  8. Also butler does not work either. It is continuing to ask for planks from the butler. Script does not work period at the moment.
  9. There is a bug preventing this from working. When using phials the bot continues to request more planks when the inventory is full. it does not stop
  10. Alright since then the afk has been much less dramatic. Its seriously nothing to worry about but if you want to look into when the player travels to the portal. Sometimes the player will travel to the portal and just stand there and not attack anything. Even if a spinner is present and portal is open to attack. The afk can range from 15 seconds to even the entire match (ive only seen this once). I have since turned on auto retaliation which stops those moments most times, but even without it the event is super rare. Done for today but tomorrow I'l be on the lookout for debug info, although i do not think it was spitting out errors. Other than that this script has gotten me void with no ban no issues and minimal babysitting (id expect to have to babysit a minigame bot but with this you really do not have to). 10/10 if that minimap glitch gets fixed!!
  11. Hey I just want to say that I started my journey coding with runescape private servers back in the day. Flash forward to today I am about to take a 6 figure job for programming. Keep at it dude the path doesn't have to stop at botting scripts(you shoulden't stop doing that though your scripts are absolutely flawless). Anyway congrats dude this was a really cool story I am glad you have come so far. Thanks for the content man! I wish you the best of luck in the future whatever you decide to do.
  12. Dude seriously? anyway. Try redownloading the jar and opening THAT JAR, dont search in windows youl find the origional. The new jar will correctly update the software and it will be fixed. Thats what worked for me.
  13. Redownload the jar file from this site if the updater is frozen.
  14. Oh you did make a barrows lol i'l be buying this shortly!
  15. Excellent script. You should make more minigame scripts, barrows perhaps? Two key errors I faced. One is quite troublesome for leaving it for extended time. 1) In enlarged mode the script will randomly hit the minimap icon. It gets stuck at this point. Fix: use original (which id rather not do as i like to mimic how i play in game) 2) This one there is no 'fix' for, so I haven't used the script since. Occasionally the script will just not make any clicks or movement during a round. It will stay that way until round end. This has resulted in loss of points for me a few times. Not serious but it seems like you are very determined to fix errors so i figured id help. Other than that this script is fucking ridiculously good. No input needed i just start and it knows to use my whip and shield and ags for the spec. Absolutely incredible. All modes work flawlessly. If those two errors are resolved this script is 100% flawless and super efficient. Thanks! Ill be on the lookout for evidence on what causes both of these issues
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