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  1. is runelite wokring ?? everytime i open looking glass it says to use a 32 cllient idk if its the runllite or tribot
  2. is the fletching one down im trying to make broad bolts but it just stops script says it finished doing all broad bolts but i have bolts there ready to be fletched into regular bolts with the feathers
  3. just purchased this script and its super slow not sure whats going on with the script. it makes the oak door but then takes a long time to build again after 30planks used
  4. any update on osbuddy black screens update??
  5. thanks ! i'll wait till tonight appreciate it
  6. just bought this script and it doesnt move just does one set of crafting and then just sits there. can u fix or refund me??
  7. hello guys im having issues where can i find the tribot 32bit i currently have 64 bit and its not working so i need tribot 32bit download
  8. jprz924

    Looking glass

    IT worked but im running of 64 how can I change osbuddy to 32???
  9. jprz924

    Looking glass

    IM looking for the JDK download since idk which one it is and many pop up
  10. jprz924

    Looking glass

    Ive botted 4 accs and have all been banned I accidently botted my main for 30mins and it got banned and im disappointed I paid for looking glass but I don't know how it works if someone can send me the link to the correct download it will help thank you
  11. same here I download but when I open it keeps saying to save so I do and I repeat same process I know there was another download for clients and I forgot how help please
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