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  1. that's true. thanks for reassuring me. update: I've gotten 4 scepters now and my thieving is lvl 96. I also got the pet Rocky!
  2. I got it to work. but im worried that if I get a scepter that it wont pick it up if my inventory is full. it doesn't drop a gold scarab to pick up a gold statuette. so I wonder it would just leave the scepter on the ground if I had full invent. I hope it doesn't happen but I wouldn't really know unless I was looking at the screen at that moment
  3. the script has worked great from 40 thieving to 88. I want to start looting every chest but when I click the boxes to loot chests for every room it still runs to the last room without getting chests. any way to fix this?
  4. This script and the other pest control script (tri pest control pro) are currently not working after the update. neither script will click on the gangplank to enter the boat. They work fine once in pest control. Anybody have a solution? or is it just because the update just came out and the scripts will be updated soon. Thanks for the hardwork
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