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  1. It was an emotionally charged comment, based on the obvious issues with the bot. I would hardly call this bot flawless.
  2. I know you've commented that the whole leaving inventory full of roe and caviar is the self-sustaining method but godamn it's terrible. Cuts the exp/h rates drastically and no human in their right mind would ever fish like that. Really really poor. Nice. Now I come back after 30 minutes to see it has dropped all my tools/logs/teleports to do birdhouse runs every 50 minutes. How pathetic. What a terrible, god-awful script. Would not recommend to anybody.
  3. Hey, clearing hooks does clean up all of the random issues. If I could add a suggestion to blackjacking that would really improve exp rates and my own sanity when I come back to check on it. Try to implement a *Buy (or unnote) wine/food to a full inventory*. Currently it leaves a slot for the loot bags which is way less efficient exp/hr. Thanks
  4. Died blackjacking and it ran to barb village. I caught it in time to home tele and get there for the coins. Also have seen it trying to blackjack through a wall multiple times. Terrible at buying wine to a full inventory. Recieved a 2 day my first day using this, cut it back to about 2 hours tops a day and it seems better. Honestly it'll get the job done... but it could be so much more proficient.. lots of issues that will lead to an unnecessary ban imo.
  5. That's exactly what mine was doing, yet it still was much faster than it used to be. This script maker is one of the only ones I've experienced who usually fixes and replies promptly. My solution was to switch to looking glass and change mouse speed to 70. For some reason I was able to change the speed back to 90 and all is well, currently getting 150k/hr xp. I'd recommend trying LG and also lowering mouse speed to see if it helps you out.
  6. Hey there's a noticeable difference in speed! It's way better now. The only thing is it's occasionally going TOO fast now haha On 90 mouse speed it will make a plank and then try to make another one with the same logs cause it's going quick. This results in about a 5 second downtime as it waits to reopen the spellbook. Edit: Put the mousespeed to 70 and activated Looking Glass. It's right at 150-160kkxp/hr and is no longer double clicking the same logs. With the current set up it's fantastic and is a 50% increase in xp/hr! Thank you! Just saved me 20-30 hours of making planks! It may still be too fast though, since I had to adjust to the lowest mouse speed to make it work.
  7. I feel like the Plank Make spell in the Lunar book could use some improvements. Like a changing click order/click speed. It literally just does the same thing every time. Only an issue cause I want to plank make to 99 which is about another 99k planks. A human can average around 1700-1800 planks. The bot sits around 1k
  8. The difference is that certain pies are spelled UNCOOKED instead of raw. The script as of right now doesn't seem to recognize the ones spelled uncooked. The ones that are uncooked instead of raw are: Uncooked Berry Pie, Uncooked Apple Pie, Uncooked Meat Pie, Uncooked Botanical pie.
  9. Hey, on the Bake Pie spell, any pie that is UNCOOKED instead of RAW won't work. It just says it's out of supplies and shuts the bot down. Glad I spent mills on Uncooked apple pies before knowing
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