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  1. pietpompies

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I'm considering buying this script, but does it also pick up marks of grace while running rooftop courses?
  2. pietpompies

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    Well, it happened twice while I was babysitting the script making sure nothing funny happens. What happens is that if you are sitting on a single fishing spot for a long while without moving or clicking (say close to 5 minutes) and it then moves, the ABC2 sleep counts down from X seconds before it does the next action, if that seconds exceed the time you have left before being logged out for being idle too long, you get logged out, but then when it logs back in, the ABC2 counter continues from where it stopped when it was auto logged, which is what I mentioned. I considered adjusting the response time slider, but decided against it for the reasons you mentioned. The only thing I'm thinking is maybe add a override to the ABC2 system where if you just logged in there won't be a sleep timer for the 1st action?
  3. This is a great idea! Will definitely try this out when I have a new account I want to level and grind through the more mundane and boring quests for some free xp. If I could, I would suggest you focus first on adding those quests that gives pretty nice XP rewards with low requirements, that way you can easily get a account up from lvl 3 to avoid the most obvious signs of it being a bot. Quests that come to mind are waterfall quest, witch's house, fight arena, gnome village and holy grail.
  4. pietpompies

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    Hey, first of all, great script, it works wonders. Now, I have a question and some feedback / suggestions. Question: I have received these errors running the script, however nothing popped up with the client so I could allow access, so could you possibly provide me with the addresses so I could add them manually? Suggestions: I have noticed that the Anti-ban sleep is sometimes long enough for the account to be auto logged-out before it is finished (especially when you were busy fishing at one spot for very long), which is great, but when the login bot logs the account back in, the sleep continues from where it stopped before it starts fishing again, which could look a bit suspicious. For example, if you get logged out halfway through a 60 second AB sleep, then the bot logs you back in and the character just keeps standing there doing nothing for 30 seconds. I'm not sure if this is how you planned it, but it does seem a bit odd for someone to log out for being idle for too long and then to log back in only to be idle for X more seconds before doing something, you'd think that if it was a real person that just logged back in that he isn't afk anymore and would thus immediately start doing something again. The other thing I think would be a nice addition would be the ability to toggle the script to drop burnt fish if you have selected the cook-bank option, since that is something I personally do when training fishing and cooking before banking and could add more to the humanlike element, unless you are rather aiming for the script to have as little interaction with the game as possible so there is less for a bot buster to detect.
  5. I really like your NMZ script and would like to try this one out as well, but I wonder how safe this is to use on an account that isn't as "disposable" as a new lvl 3 (i.e. a high leveled alt) since it seems like that is mainly what this script caters for. If one were to do like 4 hours of cannonball smithing a week in 1 hour sessions, how risky would that be? I'm mostly looking at getting some smithing xp and make a few gold on the side and not really setting up a farm. Will probably only use it on one account for lvls 35-60/70 or so.
  6. This script works pretty well. First time trying it out, seems to function without fault. However the rock cake settings are a bit unclear, what does the rock cake range do? Maybe, with your next update, you can add some kind of note to the GUI that explains it, since it's not immediately obvious. But, otherwise, it is working great, thanks for the script man.
  7. pietpompies

    Rating system for scripts?

    Hey, how about adding some kind of rating system for scrips? This way people can see which scripts others prefer using. Also, could you maybe add a way to see when a script was last updated? This can help to prevent people from buying outdated scrips that has been abandoned or may not work as good anymore.
  8. Is it possible to get a refund? This script isn't working properly. Only used it for like an hour and stopped, afraid using it any longer than that might land me a ban.