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  1. Thanks everyone. I will begin as soon as I can ?
  2. Hello. I'm a new TRiBOT user and would like to learn script development, and thus learn Java. I'd only like to learn what's necessary, but I don't know what's necessary! Can you give me some (free) guides to learn Java and what is important to know to make scripts please? Thank you in advance, Emperor Zurg
  3. Hello, My username is Emperor Zurg and I play RuneScape since 2009. My goal is to learn more about RuneScape botting and that's why I'm here. For example, I would like to learn script development. I have many questions, but I will wait a bit and do some research. In real life, I'm an electronics student. I like video games, parties with friends and enjoying life. I hope to have a good time here. Emperor Zurg
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