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  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a new server and set up everything using fluffee's server setup. It has a duel xeon 16 core CPU and 24 gigs of RAM. When running even a couple of tribot clients and using USA's GDK script, the FPS will constantly tank from 40+ down to 20. This is odd considering on my previous server I never dealt with this. Any tips on what to do the rid of these fps issues would be appreciated.
  2. smfdandgoml

    proxy6.net flagged?

    This has also happened to me but with blazinseo, jagex is insta-banning (not locking, banning) accounts that are on proxies and that aren't on the official client. I got insta banned the other day on an account that wasn't even botted on for botting, appealed it and they still denied it which is interesting.