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  1. fucking retard

    1. Shane9000100


      Chill, I was hacked. No one deserves to be called a retard. My apologies for the wrongdoings of my account during its comprised period. 

  2. If I were you I'd ask for a refund and give up on this script friend.
  3. @Usa Please get in contact with the developers as it seems there is some sort of misunderstanding/miscommunication here
  4. I thought you used your own world hopper, which wouldn't require a client update to fix? There have also been scripters that have easily implemented their own to fix world hopping like Naton.
  5. 1. Script Author: @Usa 3. Date Purchased: January 15 2019 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 10 auths for 1 month ($50) 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): Me posting on the thread that worldhopping is broken on Thursday: I've also messaged him on discord with no replies on Saturday, but he has been online. At this this, I thought his script used the built in hopper but later discovered he used his own, so the fix is on him. Either way, he failed to bother replying: 6. Issue(s): The script is unable to hop worlds due to Thursday's game update, making the script unusable. I've lost out on much much more than script cost alone, but USA seems to be disturbingly aloof of the situation, so I'd like a full refund ASAP or for some sort of accountability mechanism to be applied here--this client seems to be heavily lacking on that department. @Fluffee @erickho123
  6. World hopping is still broken for me.
  7. Until trilez pushes the client update that has been due for over 2 days now or USA implements his own world hopper this script will not be usable.
  8. Having troubles with in game world hopping after the game update today.
  9. World hopping seems to be broken due to the game update today @Usa
  10. In my experience 2 day bans have little to no effect on any future bans.
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