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  1. Well wouldn't we all like everything in life... Leave the dude alone, I got 3 con capes from this script. The script is just fine.
  2. Just a risk we all take, Ive had accounts with 2 day bans continue to bot and not get banned. Then other i get permed after 2 days of botting after a bot bust 2 day. It's all luck
  3. Would anyone mind sending me over their setup for best xp per hour using this script?
  4. thats how its always been lol... that is not whts going on for me.
  5. My man, going for cape 3. Oak doors doesnt seem to be working. Instead of removing the door the bot removes the stairs. I'm not a noob with this script either... any advise?
  6. Hey man, love the script. gotten 99 2x using it and going for it a 3rd time now. Anyway you could implement the bot to use space bar to craft all and esc to close bank? It's just kinda bot like the way that it withdraws and puts items back into the bank.,
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