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  1. PM me your Skype if you are still looking.
  2. But... but... you don't even have the Scripter rank?
  3. I personally think that the first 5 posts an account makes should have to be manually approved by a mod.
  4. People have had more than 10m on accounts with TRiBot and never been hacked, the IP message is normal. It is usually indicative of a price checker being loaded or dynamic signature.
  5. Technically, I believe the customer would have to make the account as selling accounts is banned here.
  6. Will buy/10 Looks amazing
  7. Not used his woodcutting script, but I am a fan of Druid's scripts.
  8. Don't get it lol... Explain? @TRiLeZ , would it be worth putting it to a poll?
  9. I don't really know you, but, from what I have read, saying "Screw Divica" is completely wrong. Wrong way to show the TRiBot community in my opinion.
  10. I believe you can only use your verified paypal address.
  11. Who did you buy the proxy from?
  12. Client is not detectable, I have played legit and botted with client with no bans.
  13. This should help you (a guide I made yesterday): https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44195-how-to-use-a-proxy-vip-extended/
  14. Nope.