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  1. The answer would be no one really knows. Don’t bot on a account you aren’t willing to lose.
  2. Hacka

    Allow or deny

    Disable tribot firewall, in the settings.
  3. Agility is a hard one to not farm, takes a lot of work tbh.
  4. Hacka

    How much for a private tutorial bot

    They ussally aren’t that much just depends. @JoeDezzy1 can probly hook you up with one.
  5. If you want that deep on a project I doubt anyone would do it for that cheap bro, a lot of these guys work $10-20 a hour. Idk though
  6. Hacka

    Client is saying username does not exist.

    Your username would be Duane Flores bro.
  7. Hacka

    Need private script pm bot

    Like godpower said ^^^^ can only pay with credits, but I’m sure someone will do it for a pretty low price as the bot is pretty simple.
  8. Hacka

    Stupid question about botting

    So you’re saying you got banned for two days then botted again and got perm banned? That is ussually what happens botting after a two day ban, at least in my experience always leads to a perm ban. Construction is a little harder to get banned for because players can’t report you and such, so it’s most likely due to you botting RIGHT after you were unbanned.
  9. Hacka

    New to Botting - No Idea how to Download and Run

    You don't want to use the latest version as it not compatible.
  10. Is Dayz still in early access, guess you have your answer. LOL jk
  11. Hacka

    [P] Account unlocker.

    yeah not enough people would buy it to make it worth the effort, so you would have to pay decently well ^^ Jamie makes stuff like this he would price something like this pretty high.
  12. Hacka

    [P] Account unlocker.

    I highly doubt anyone would do this for that low of a price, just to let you know. I have talked to a lot of them and have a few private scripts my self, what you’re asking for with that price isn’t really worth the time
  13. Hacka

    Can’t download tribot client...

    Look for a tribot folder delete it and reinstall it, if it open with Edge again right click, open with and search for your java
  14. Hacka

    WTB Runescape botting guide

    What he said, its not easy it takes some work, If it was easy everyone would gold farm and be banking, take time and experience to learn(you most likely will loss money at the start).
  15. Hacka

    Looking for a good combat script

    Optimus combat for sure is the best, atleast from my experience.