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  1. Hacka

    Questions from beginner

    As many as the script writer allows, you can see this by instance allowed when buying scripts/ as many as you computer can run. and what do you mean by limit transfer lol?
  2. Hacka

    Email Generators

    Use google you can click a box that says, I do not have a phone number or something like that.
  3. Great use, would recommend to anyone that wants to gold farm or have a good amount of accounts running. Makes life so easy, great work here!!
  4. Hacka

    Reliable scripts for 2018-2019

    Some you probly will have to get it built into a private script.
  5. Hacka

    Reliable scripts for 2018-2019

    In F2P its just really hard to get past bans, playing on the account getting combat and doing quest done help with bans. But never bot on a account you arent willing to lose .
  6. Hacka

    Reliable scripts for 2018-2019

    What do you mean by the account is getting hacked?, honestly wouldn't use looking glass, and private scripts are always the best thing you can get, if you have the money. F2P is ban heavy botting no matter what. As for money making all the popularly ones will sooner rather than later get you banned, No one will tell you what they do really. It all about getting banned and trying something new again learning on your own, if you're doing it for gold expect bans because they will happen(mule your gold every few hours), its about profiting before bans really. Just have to keep trying.
  7. This has always been a subscription based platform, lifetime auth was a choice of a way to subscribe, tos states that this subscription is term to change at anytime. So by purchasing this you agreed to the TOS, by the tos they didn’t go back on any agreement.
  8. Then you have well earned your money you paid for you use of these scripts, two years. Get a lawyer if needed but the TOS does talk about subscriptions and the lifetime auth is a subscription even if you only paid for it once. This was changed for the better good. You were also given time of the script to use it, it’s not the website job to account for time you decide to not use the service.
  9. Hacka

    New Staker Please.

    A lot of people use to bot because of the no tax, it you do the math if you stake in the long run like bots will do your 50/50 you lose money with the tax, simple why their would not be many people using it. Get a private made if you want one, only way you will get it.
  10. Hacka

    Virtual Machine Suggestions

    Don't Use any you will find in forums, as most of them are over priced no ones gonna tell you there source. Look around and find your own.
  11. Hacka

    This is a sham

    Sounds like you were using Free scripts? Also you ran it on a brand new account most likely in F2P, this is why you got banned.
  12. He wanted a two week test phase and updating 20x those not so cheap
  13. Hacka

    how do i use my proxy

    Press enter
  14. Hacka

    Suggestions ?

    Yes, do the NMZ method get down to 1 hp with potions and def wont matter
  15. Hacka

    Suggestions ?

    Melee anything always NMZ, range can do a lot just depends what you want(do different methods,makes account look legit).