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  1. Is there any way to record when/where a user clicked the mouse? Even something simple that returns a Boolean value if the mouse is pressed or not?
  2. Question... When that error happens does it only happen when you have less than 5 noted bones left in your inventory?
  3. Artificial's Gilded Altar Activate Link: https://tribot.org/repository/user_functions/activateScript/2954/ Features Automatically find's hosts with an altar to use. Uses Phials to convert notes to bones Offers bones on Gilded Altar in Rimmington to train pray Implements ABC2 antiban methods Implements additional custom antiban methods GUI interface to setup bot How To Use Start the bot with noted bones, and cash in inventory in Rimmington. The bot will use Phials to convert your noted bones The bot will automatically find the current hosts, and start offering the bones at one of the working ones. The bot will run until you are out of noted bones. Questions You can notify me of any bugs or questions on this thread or email me: [email protected]
  4. What would be the easiest way to return the RGB color value of a specific coordinate? Is there a way to do it without moving your mouse to that position?
  5. Found a way for anyone else who needs it later on: Returns one long string of current text in chat box starting from the bottom messages to top String chat = ""; //odd numbers up to 15 are chat messages, even numbers are users for (int i = 1; i <= 15; i += 2) { chat += Interfaces.get(162, 47, i).getText(); }
  6. Is there a simpler way than using message listener to read the current public chat box and convert each line to a string?
  7. Yes, it didn't get stuck for you in that world did it? You might need to turn off the tribot firewall for the world hopping to work properly so you don't get prompted with a request to connect.
  8. Summary Collects planks that at the barbarian outpost plank spot. Banks the planks once you have a full inventory and hops worlds when all planks on one world have been picked up. Makes up to 200K+ an hour with no requirements needed. Just start the bot at the Barbarian Outpost bank or near the planks. Implements ABC2 Antiban methods. Supports custom world hopping method Antiban methods based on real life data from human players. Makes 200K+ an hour No requirements or starting cash needed. Features dynamic paint that shows status of script, GP per hour rate, time ran, and planks collected Features GUI Perfect Goldfarming Script This script is a perfect script to run on multiple accounts and collect gold. All it requires is for you to start the script at Barbarian outpost. There are no requirements needed or starting cash needed. Contact For any support or questions, comment below or email me: [email protected]
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