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  1. auto clicker won't work, if the server lags at all you will have to stop and start your autoclicker. you could try using keybinds to click (mousekeys), it may be a little bit less aids for you.
  2. bot again, expect a perm ban on the account.
  3. Seriously, @TRiLeZ? What's the harm in some innocent emojis?
  4. I too have experienced such a dilemma. This needs to be fixed right away. I'm paying good money!
  5. The api doc for IllegalArgumentException is: try while(true) {} instead of while(run){}
  6. I'd open up a settings explorer and trigger the yellow arrow in game and check if any settings change. BTW, during one of Jagex's Q&A streams a while back they mentioned that the yellow directional indicator on the minigame is incorrect 99% of the time (not very accurate). So I wouldn't recommend using it for much of anything that requires accuracy.
  7. @toddboy28, if you aren't seeing it on forums try clearing the cache in your browser? Shouldn't matter tho, i see that you are VIP.
  8. Can you link the source of this information pls
  9. psst, no discussion of account sales on this website.
  10. fmtrick

    Proxy Question

    No. I'm from Canada and only use Canadian proxies for accounts that haven't been on a proxy since day 1.
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